or the first time in two years, spring travel seems much less complicated – at least for vaccinated travelers.

With the EU due to drop pre-departure testing for fully stung people from next month, holidays closer to home in particular should soon be less hassle and expensive for most.

Fancy a spring break? Whether you want to escape the UK to catch some first rays of sunshine or hit the slopes and catch the last powder of the season, here are the best places to travel in March.

As always, with ever-changing restrictions, be sure to check the entry requirements for each destination before you even think about booking that dream vacation.


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With average daily high temperatures of 18 degrees, Malta is a fantastic European destination to consider for the month of March. Spend a few days exploring all its ancient city has to offer, from the Grandmaster’s Palace to the Lascaris War Halls, then tour the rest of the country. With a blue lagoon and some of the best diving in the Mediterranean, beach lovers will not be disappointed.

Zermatt, Switzerland


If you are looking for late season snow, Zermatt in Switzerland is a very good bet. One of Europe’s most famous resorts, the powder tends to be consistently good well into April. With 38 peaks around 4,000 meters high, world-class chalets and hotels and some of the most scenic alpine scenery in the world, this should be the top destination for all winter sports enthusiasts in March.

Paphos, Cyprus

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Often overlooked for neighboring Greece, Cyprus offers sun worshipers and culture seekers alike a virtually year-round dose of sunshine without the hefty price tag. Paphos certainly has areas that look a bit like “Brits Abroad!” but find yourself in the best spots and you’ll be surrounded by UNESCO-protected heritage, home to lovely mosaics, rock tombs, ruined theaters and all the quaint restaurants you dream of on a Mediterranean island.

The added bonus? Spring in Cyprus is equivalent to 20 degree days.


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Jordan is actually a year-round destination but perhaps most enjoyable from March to May. Around this time, it’s warm but not scorching, the wildflowers are blooming, and March is just the start of “high season”, so you won’t be fending off the crowds. A small country and one of the safest in the Middle East, there is no shortage of things to see and experience. Checking off Petra, the ancient archaeological city, floating in the Dead Sea and discovering the sprawling deserts should be on your to-do list.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s temperatures remain fairly constant throughout the year, but they are affected by two distinct monsoons, which means that it is always the rainy season on one side of the island. But don’t let that put you off exploring the entire country in one trip (it’s a long flight after all) – December through March is when the country as a whole is driest.

Informally known as the Sri Lankan Riviera, expect to see spectacular stretches of white sand all around the country’s south and west coasts. For those who want a little more adventure, traveling the country by train and stopping to hike the famous Tea Trails and visit ancient temples and World Heritage Sites is pretty unbeatable.

Los Angeles

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March is the perfect time to tick one of America’s most famous cities off your to-do list. Temperatures peak at around 19 degrees, which means you can pound the pavements exploring the hundreds of things the city has to offer in a simple t-shirt without breaking a sweat. Hike the Hollywood Hills, go to Venice Beach, fulfill your six-year-old dreams at Disneyland, and experience some of the best cuisine in America.



You’ve probably heard the cries “go to Cuba before it changes” but don’t worry, there’s still time. With highs of 28 degrees in March, endless blue skies and hardly any rain, now is the time to see the country at its best. Give yourself a few days to experience the vibrant, crumbling beauty of Havana, then head west to Viñales, a national park where you’ll struggle to experience a more traditional Cuba – you can only experience whether you were born within its parameters – or to the tropical south, to discover some of the country’s totally unexplored beaches.


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Dublin is perfect to visit at any time of year – let’s face it, it will rain from time to time whether it’s summer or not – but to really get an all-Irish experience, head to the celebrations of the St. Patrick’s Day in March. Parades will line Georgian streets, pubs will pull Guinness to the nearest second and there will be no end to the night dancing the night away.


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March is arguably the best time to visit Rajasthan in India. By the end of “winter” it is dry and beginning to warm up but will not reach the temperatures of the sweltering summer months that start from April. Throughout the region, you will be dazzled by the incredible forts, palaces and ancient monuments. You can visit the “blue city” of Jodhpur or the “pink city” of Jaipur. You can buy amazing fabrics and rugs as well as spices and trinkets at the bustling markets and also explore the state’s national parks and lakes.

The Maldives


Do you really like the heat? Direction the Maldives. As the high season nears its end, the islands will likely be less crowded, but you will still have days with highs of 29 degrees. Snorkel, relax, unwind and live the ultimate fantasy of an island paradise.