In the middle of Indonesia lies one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Bali, also known as the “Island of the Gods”. Surrounded by turquoise waters and lined with golden beaches, the island is definitely a surfer’s paradise. When you’re looking for a beach vacation, there’s no better place to go than this beautiful piece of land. Bali has a plethora of sites to explore, from temples, museums and markets to natural wonders such as caves and waterfalls. Want to visit Bali on a small budget? No problem, here are 10 tips for making the most of the beautiful island without breaking the bank.

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ten Online reservations for better packages

Bali is one of those countries where booking in advance online saves a lot of money. Unexpectedly, Bali has a fantastic tourist infrastructure and is well connected to the internet. local business owners are adept at using the internet to promote and support tourism. Lots of money could be saved on everything from day trip drivers, accommodation and tours to cooking classes by booking special offers online.

  • Point: It is not advisable to wait too long so as not to miss the biggest discounts.

9 Eat like a real local

There are a variety of westernized restaurants, especially in tourist hotspots like Ubud and Canggu. Sure, ordering a $15 avocado toast in Bali and pretending to be a digital nomad or whatever is exciting. However, the best thing to do would be to avoid more expensive Western establishments in favor of local warungs offering authentic Indonesian cuisine. What could be better than real authentic cuisine? Eating at the local markets is another budget-friendly Bali food recommendation. There’s nothing like Bali’s early morning and late evening markets to experience delicious Indonesian food at low prices.

8 Rent a scooter instead of taking a ride or taking an overpriced taxi

Public transport in Bali is not always available and not all towns are small enough to navigate on foot. Typically, travelers had to rely on drivers to get them to their destination. Fortunately, everyone in Bali is a driver, and finding someone to drive won’t be much of a problem. To save money, travelers can rent a scooter to get from point A to point B in town.

7 Hiring a driver

While a scooter will take travelers from their hotel to that fantastic restaurant they heard about online, it won’t take them to the temple they wanted to see. For day trips, hiring a driver would be the best practice. It is certainly less expensive to split the costs with a group of friends or other travellers. It is very easy to locate drivers advertising their services almost anywhere. But it is more difficult to determine what price should be paid.

  • Recommended: It is recommended to schedule a pre-arranged service rather than hoping to bump into someone on the street.

6 Pay in cash

Many places don’t accept credit cards at all, and those that do will charge a hefty premium for convenience. Instead, visitors will pay their bills in Bali in cash. The quickest and often the cheapest option for withdrawing money is the ATM at the airport.

  • Point: There is one crucial point to consider: if travelers want to use an ATM in a foreign country for a small fee, they need to have the right type of debit card. Before travel, people should take the time to see if the debit card or bank charges international transaction fees, sometimes called ATM fees.

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5 Getting to Bali Cheap

Citizens of certain nations or sovereign states can enter Indonesia without a visa. These include China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, the United States and others. Those traveling from other countries may consider splitting their vacation or taking another (cheaper) domestic trip to Bali. People are recommended to travel off season when fares are lower.

4 Looking for the cheapest in Bali

Sipping premium wines on a budget is out of the question. Travelers should avoid hotels and restaurants if they are looking for a cheap Bintang and instead go to a convenience store (mini-market or mini-market as they call them on the island). Also, fortunately, to relax while watching the sunset, most of the beaches are free.

3 bargain hard

Bali’s abundance of art markets is a great place to start, but it’s always hit and miss. It all depends on the quality of the formation of the negotiation skills of travelers. It can be a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, with beautiful works of art made by talented local artisans, all at great prices. Negotiation involves going down to 40% of the quoted price before moving up to a mutually agreeable sum.

2 Beach spa instead of expensive luxury

After a long day of touring Bali’s beaches and haggling at art markets, visitors can treat themselves to a massage on the beach. The beach masseuses are often well trained and do an excellent job of kneading the muscles, while enjoying the pleasant sea breezes. Travelers can also take advantage of a great deal on a half-hour back massage or a one-hour body massage.

1 Getting out of Bali on a budget

Pre-arranged airport shuttles for the return trip are always the best alternative. Even some budget hotels offer free shuttle service.

  • Point: It is best to always make sure you have enough rupees in your pocket for the return trip to the airport and airport exit taxes which are usually included in the ticket.

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