Travel blogger Hayley Andersen has taken to social media to share three places she doesn’t believe exist in Australia. The three locations are Gibson Steps (Victoria), Wilsons’s Prom (Victoria) and Jervis Bay (NSW).

It comes from the back of a series of videos in which the TikTok creator, who has 227.4 thousand subscribers, shares other places she was surprised to find (including picks such as Hutt Lagoon and The Whitsundays ).

Watch Hayley Andersen reveal 3 places she doesn’t believe exist in Australia

In the video, Andersen gives viewers insight into what makes each destination special. In the case of Gibson Steps, it’s the epic cliff caves. In the case of Wilson’s Prom, it’s the crazy “am I in Greece?” type waters. In Jervis Bay’s case, it’s the gorgeous white sand (and blue-green water).

Andersen is not the only one pleasantly surprised by these places. Flight Center’s TikTok avatar wrote in the comments: “😮.”

Many other subscribers also chimed in, expressing their astonishment.

It’s not the first time people have been blown away by the diverse landscapes of Australia, a country whose landmass is around 50% larger than Europe (and 32 times larger than the Kingdom). -United).

Left: @steveandcheriesbiglap. Law: @lifeofsway_

DMARGE spoke to traveler Alana McDonald, who is one half of the travel duo @laplivin, last year, who shared some of her favorite Australian Maldives alternatives. Wilsons’ Prom made this list, as did a number of others not mentioned by Andersen.

“Wilson’s Prom, Rapid Bay, Flaherty’s Beach, Daly Head,” McDonald told DMARGE, when asked about his favorite “Maldives-esque” destinations.

DMARGE also spoke to Maddison Papantoniouwho is currently traveling Australia in a Land Cruiser with partner Jake Rusanoff.

“We experienced the hot outback and vast desert, lush tropics, gnarly surf beaches and bustling cities – all without even jumping on a plane.”

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