Summer is here and overseas travel is back on the cards. Well, provided that the airline you have chosen is not in total crisis, but that is another problem. Judging by the skyrocketing sales of sex toys over the past couple of years, it seems many of us have taken advantage of this time of enforced isolation and staycations to adopt a new self-care routine. If you’re going on vacation abroad, you might be wondering if your new favorite sex toy can go with you.

Traveling with sex toys is simple, as long as you follow certain guidelines. Failure to do so can lead not only to a red face, but also to a brush with the law, if you bring the wrong thing into the wrong country, so it’s worth taking seriously. We-Vibe – (the brand behind some of today’s best sex toys – have put together the following guidelines to help you make sure you get it right.

“We know how attached people are to their sex toys, so when it comes to going on vacation, it can be hard to think of a week or even a fortnight,” says Johanna Rief of We- vibes. (opens in a new tab). “However, it is important that people are informed before traveling in order to avoid any problems at the point of entry into the country of destination. But whether you are traveling alone or with a partner, bringing sex toys on your holiday can make a good holiday an unforgettable moment!”

Here are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to traveling with sex toys…

1. Research the rules of your destination country

The UK has a relaxed attitude towards sex toys, but that’s not the case everywhere. In fact, some countries classify them as illegal pornographic material and treat them the same as firearms, explosives, and weapons. If you’re going somewhere like India, the United Arab Emirates or the Maldives, for example, airport security won’t be happy to be confronted with the contents of your bedside drawer upon arrival.

“If you want to avoid having your cherished toy confiscated, or at worst, ending up behind bars, find out about your holiday destination when it comes to importing sex toys,” says Johanna.

2. Fly under the radar

Do you opt for hand luggage only? There are some guidelines from the UK government (opens in a new tab) as to what is acceptable to pack, but that does not specifically mention sex toys. We assume they are subject to similar rules as “Electronic Devices and Electrical Items”, meaning there are no size limits to adhere to.

If you’re concerned about an unexpected bag check and want to hide, there are plenty of sex toys out there that don’t seem very obvious and/or won’t appear as electrical items, including bullet options in our best guide to vibrators. and stroking options in our guide to the best sex toys for men. The We-Vibe Tango X, below, is designed to look like a lipstick, for example.

We-Vibe Tango X red and blue vibrator

(Image credit: We-Vibe)

3. Check that your toy has a travel setting

You might be able to style it and pretend it’s your electric toothbrush, but in an ideal world you want to avoid any incriminating pulsing vibrations from your suitcase. There are several ways to guard against this. More expensive toys will have travel settings that prevent them from turning off unexpectedly, or a travel cover. If your toy is battery powered, you can simply remove the batteries before heading to the airport.

If you plan to discharge an internal rechargeable battery before you go, be aware that at least in the UK (opens in a new tab) you may be asked to turn on any electronic device and show that it is working in order to take it on the plane.

4. Reduce the size of your lube bottle

Most sex toys benefit from being associated with lubricant. You’re probably aware of this by now, but remember that the volume and number of liquids you can take in hand luggage is limited. Your lube should be 100ml or less, and it should fit in your 20 x 20cm plastic bag along with any other liquids for your trip.