With the country opening the doors to travel again, after two long years, we have our wish list ready. As excited as we are about traveling to new destinations, we’ll all admit that packing the essentials for the trip is definitely tedious. From sunglasses to toiletries, we have an endless list of travel essentials. So we thought of helping you out by putting together a thoughtful list of all the absolute travel essentials that we think would benefit you. You can add or remove some of them as needed.

Just treat this comprehensive list as a checklist and check off the items as you go. Of course, travel essentials depend on the type of trip you plan to take, but this list is suitable for all types of travelers.

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Here is the list of 7 important travel essentials

1. Sunscreens

No matter where you travel, sunscreens are the most important beauty products to add to your bucket list. Whether the destination is the mountains or the beaches, there are different sunscreens for all weather conditions depending on the solar radiation. There are oil-based sunscreens for dry skin that are common in hilly areas and also water-resistant sunscreens for diving in the oceans. So choose the perfect sunscreen for your trip.

2. Travel pillows and eye masks

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling abroad by plane or just hitting the road with a group of friends, travel pillows and eye masks ensure your 8 hours of restful sleep. Travel pillows are also useful when you plan to go camping and sleeping bags double as mattresses. So don’t forget to add a fluffy travel pillow and an eye mask to your backpack.

3. Personal toiletries

The most important travel companions are your personal toiletries. Prepare a travel kit with all of your personal items, including a toothbrush, deodorant, hairbrush, sanitizer, soap, and other personal supplies. They are easy to find in any medical store or pharmacy, but we always insist on packing them in advance, because buying a simple toothbrush on a remote island in the Maldives is surely not too economical.

4. Portable chargers or power banks

With our electronic gadgets’ continued reliance on clicking pictures or simply scrolling the internet, we usually find ourselves without a battery when we really need it. It is advisable to keep your portable chargers and power banks fully charged when you are on the go, on vacation.

5. Books Or Magazines

If you are traveling solo, you should know that traveling is quite a solitary activity. If you are not accompanied by groups, you must have a travel companion. Depending on your preferences, your travel companion can be a digital or physical book, Kindle, or magazines. Navigating the streets of Paris with a copy of ‘la chocolat’ can only earn you the brownie points of other Parisians.

6. Headphones

Sometimes you just need a little music to soak up the atmosphere around you and soak it all up. In a scenic location, why not activate all your senses by putting on your best song? Plugging in your headphones can take you out of unpleasant conversations and keep you entertained at the same time. You can also listen to informative podcasts while exploring new places around you.

7. Glasses or bottles

Keep that body and skin hydrated at all times. One of the biggest mistakes people make while traveling is forgetting to drink water. Just because you’re not parched doesn’t mean you don’t need your fluids. Keep a sip with you at all times as you explore different locations. Pro tip – Keep the bottle in your main luggage when traveling by plane.

So while you’re packing for your next trip, go through this checklist once and remember the travel essentials.

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