If you’re looking to beat the summer heat, why not turn to leading B-Town ladies living the good life. Let their Instagram help you plan the perfect vacation.

No matter how bright and hot the summer sun is, one tends to escape the summer months by traveling to scenic destinations. Basking in the sun seems like a tempting offer and with picturesque backgrounds, it’s like icing on the cake. Speaking of which, our Bollywood divas are once again turning up the heat with their holiday updates. Bollywood’s summer getaways are definitely a feast for the eyes, not only because of their choice of destinations, but also because of their sizzling shots on the gram.

So if you’ve been struggling to choose the perfect vacation spot, well, look no further because we’ve got the Bollywood clan to help you out there. Bollywood’s summer getaways are once again making the rounds on social media, and we assure you that their gram handfuls are sure to entice you to book your tickets right away. From Sonakshi’s Singaporean toupee to Sonam’s babymoon, these images are worth all the attention.

Bollywood divas and their summer getaways to spy on!

Baby mooning in Italy and Paris: Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Let’s start with mom-to-be, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. The diva is busy making the moon with her sweetheart and her charming sister Rhea Kapoor. Besides the splendid company, the actress made sure to ring in her birthday with exquisite vacations to Italy and Paris. The actress gave us all the “ooh la la” vibes while posing on the streets of Paris and Romancing amid the beauty of Italy.

A hot birthday in Singapore: Sonakshi Sinha

Next in line, giving us some major goals for Bollywood summer getaways, is the golden girl, Sonakshi Sinha. After launching her new business ‘Soezi’, the actress decided to treat herself on her birthday by visiting Singapore. Away from home and all the other business of the world, our very own Sonakshi Sinha has laid her way amid the serene beauty of Singapore.

Maldivian madness: Anushka Sharma

Well, it’s almost impossible not to mention the Maldives while spotting Bollywood divas having a blast. Similarly, eccentric beauty, Anushka Sharma was seen clicking on the pretty beaches of the Maldives as she traveled with her little munchkin and Virat Kohli. Sharma looked absolutely stunning in a tangy beach outfit giving us all the #SummerGoals.

Lots of travels: Hina Khan in Budapest

Speaking of having the time of your life, it seems Hina Khan is taking the phrase way too seriously. New diva under the spotlight, Hina Khan definitely takes over the gram with her travel diaries. After a breathtaking appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, Hina Khan made sure to calm the heat wave by sharing her beautiful moments from her trips to Budapest.

Sassy Spain and opulent Paris: Pragya Jaiswal

Continuing the European papers, we have Pragya Jaiswal adding to the existing charm of Bollywood summer getaway spots. The actress was seen posing in the heat of Spain and witnessing the magic in Paris. So if that’s not motivational enough, we don’t know what is. So hunt down the diva’s gram handful and pack your bags, because you won’t be able to resist the beauty of Europe.

Travel getaway of a millennium: Janhvi Kapoor in Berlin and France

Finally, we have the rising millennial on the block, Janhvi Kapoor. Taking Bollywood’s summer getaways up a notch, Kapoor looks easy and breezy while witnessing scenic balconies and cloudy mornings in Berlin and France. So, get ready to plan your itineraries this summer keeping Bollywood divas under the inspirational lens.

All images courtesy of Instagram.