The Emirates ID card will now be used as the primary proof of your residence as an expat and visa stickers in passports have been removed. A historic change that came into effect from today, April 11, 2022. As processes become clearer, here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know about the Emirates identity itself- same.

In August 2021, ICP announced that it would launch a new generation of Emirates IDs with a lifespan of over 10 years. The advanced version not only includes additional information that is printed on your Emirates ID card – such as your personal and business data, issuing authority and population group – but also includes “non-visible data”, which is protected by an improved protection system and can be read through the ICP’s “e-link” system.

The chip embedded in the Emirates ID also has a greater data capacity, allowing it to hold much more cardholder information.

Easy access to an Emirates digital ID card

In June 2021, the PKI had announced the issuance of a digital version of Emirates IDs, which government departments can use in case the cardholder is still waiting to receive the physical copy of their Emirates ID. Accessing the digital version of your Emirates ID card can be easily done by downloading the ICP’s smartphone app – ‘ICPUAE’ – which is available for Apple and Android devices.

Once you have downloaded the app, all you need to do is provide your Emirates ID number, passport number and email address to set up your ICP account, after which you will be able to access the digital version of your ID Emirates, as well as the identifiers of any family member. who may be under your sponsorship.

How to update the mobile phone number associated with your Emirates ID

If your Emirates ID was requested by an agent or if you changed your primary mobile phone number, you may have trouble getting verification codes on your mobile. One-time passwords or OTPs are sent to a user each time they request certain government services, such as issuing a birth certificate for a newborn or obtaining a diploma attested by the ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC). As the verification codes are sent to the mobile number registered with your Emirates ID, you can update the number if you encounter such an issue.

ICP offers the online service, which allows a cardholder to update Emirates ID details. Read our detailed guide on how you can change the number on file with your Emirates ID here.

Turn your digital Emirates ID into a “trusted digital document”

Although you can present your digital Emirates ID for most verification procedures, some applications may require the person to submit a physical copy of their Emirates ID. Even in these cases, there is a digital service available from the UAE government – UAE Verify – that converts digital documents into “trusted documents”, which use blockchain technology to ensure that a digital document is up to date. free from manipulation. If you need to convert your Emirates ID into a trusted digital document, you can follow the steps mentioned in our guide here.

New photo requirements

If you are applying for a new Emirates ID card, or if it needs to be renewed, it is important to note that the photo requirements for the Emirates ID card have been updated by the PKI. Earlier this year, Living in UAE spoke with Nasser Ahmed Al Abdouli, Director of Customer Happiness, who clarified that if applicants are having issues with their Emirates ID applications being rejected, it’s maybe because the photo does not meet the updated criteria. The new photo guidelines include new photo dimensions, as well as instructions on head position and dress code. Read our in-depth guide here to learn more.

Use your Emirates ID as a health card

As mentioned above, the Emirates ID contains much more information than is printed on the surface. Through PKI’s electronic link systems, multiple departments and service providers can access cardholder details. For example, if you find yourself in an emergency and need to go to a hospital or clinic, you can use your Emirates ID card instead of your health insurance card, as the two are linked in the online system. As health insurance is compulsory in the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, obtaining health insurance is part of the residency application process. So the next time you find that you don’t have your health insurance card with you, don’t worry, you can use your Emirates ID card as an alternative.

Simplified immigration procedures

Even before the announcement was made about Emirates ID cards replacing residency visa stickers on passports, Emirates ID cards were used by travelers to easily pass immigration checks. Instead of waiting in the queue for immigration clearance, UAE residents can simply swipe their Emirates ID card at the smart gates that have been installed at UAE airports.