Russian flagship carrier Aeroflot has reportedly expressed interest in restarting flight operations to the Maldives.

Earlier, Aeroflot halted international flight operations, except for Belarus, after Russia’s civil aviation authority strongly urged the airline to do so.

The authority was concerned about the possibility of foreign-leased aircraft used by Aeroflot being seized at allied destinations in the West.

Meanwhile, Aeroflot has expressed interest in resuming flight operations to the Maldives as it confirmed the restart of operations to neighboring Sri Lanka.

The airline is expected to resume flight operations in Sri Lanka in April 2022.

In addition, local reports also claim that the airline has asked the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority to open a discussion window for a possible resumption of Aeroflot operations.

However, at this time it is unconfirmed whether the Civil Aviation Authority has complied and the authority has not publicly commented on the matter.

At the time the airline’s decision to halt international operations was made, Aeroflot was carrying nearly 300 or more passengers to the Maldives daily.