Lalit Modi announced a “fresh start” with Sushmita Sen on Thursday. Lalit, who served as the first president of the Indian Premier League, called the actor and former Miss Universe the “better half” as they shared their photos on Twitter and Instagram. He said he was back in London after vacationing in the Maldives and Sardinia, where he and Sushmita were joined by their families. He also clarified that he and Sushmita were “not married – they were just dating.” Although Sushmita has yet to comment on Lalit’s statements, she shared photos and videos from her recent vacation on Instagram. Read more: Rajeev Sen reacts to Lalit Modi dating Sushmita Sen

Lalit tweeted: “Just returned to London from a whirlwind world tour of the Maldives, Sardinia with the families – not to mention my better half Sushmita Sen – a fresh start, a new life at last. Above the moon. In another tweet, he wrote, “Just for clarity. Not married – just dating. That too will happen one day. Lalit also shared in an Instagram post, her photos with Sushmita, over the years. Celebrities like Ranveer Singh reacted to their photos.

Lalit Modi shared photos of him and Sushmita Sen on Thursday.

Following Lalit’s social media posts, Sushmita’s brother, actor Rajeev Sen, told ETimes in an interview, “I am pleasantly surprised. I’ll talk to my sister before I say anything. I didn’t know at all. My sister has yet to confirm this from her end so I can’t comment at this time. Meanwhile, Sushmita, who continues to update her social media followers on her life and wellness journey after being diagnosed with Addison’s disease a few years ago, has yet to reacted to Lalit’s announcement about their relationship.

However, until recently, Sushmita documented her vacation in the Maldives on Instagram and also gave a glimpse of her trip to Sardinia in Italy. Although she hasn’t shared any posts featuring Lalit or hinted that he was part of the vacation, Lalit did share photos of the two together from their recent vacation on Thursday, among some throwback photos of the couple.

Sushmita Sen documented her travels on Instagram. She was in Sardinia recently.

In the latest glamorous post from her vacation in Sardinia, Sushmita shared a sunny photo of herself aboard a yacht. She wore an animal print mini dress and a pair of black sunglasses as she posed for a photo, which she shared with the caption, “La Dolce Vita (which loosely translates to a life full of fun and luxury).” She added in the caption that her photo was clicked by her “graceful friend”, while teasing a private account on Instagram. Sushmita also shared a selfie and wrote, “Sen and the Italian sun.”

Earlier, in June, the actor gave a glimpse of his time in the Maldives and shared a video of herself from his bedroom’s private pool. “I want you to know… that you are the love of my life,” read a snippet of her Instagram caption. In another photo, Sushmita posed in a black swimsuit by her private pool and shared the pics, writing, “happiness.”

Sushmita Sen shared a post in June from her vacation in the Maldives.

On June 19, Sushmita shared a video onboard her flight to the Maldives. In the video, she was seen sitting with her daughter Alisah Sen, while her eldest daughter Renee Sen sat across the aisle with Sushmita’s father.

Sushmita said in the clip, “Here’s a quick update, we’re going on a very, very special vacation with Alisah, Renee and my daddy.” She waved at him, saying, “Hi dad.” Sushmita continued, “So it’s Father’s Day today. And I’m taking dad to the Maldives with my little girls for the holidays. Wishing all dads a very, very happy and blessed Father’s Day.