May 15, 2022 – The beautiful island of Korcula in central Dalmatia is absolutely unique, and anyone who’s ever spent time there doesn’t need to be convinced. We all know it, and now it’s official. Big 7 Travel has declared Korcula the fifth most beautiful island on the surface of the Earth, ranking it alongside Bora Bora.

As Morski writes, the deserved title of Korcula as the fifth most beautiful island in the whole world was announced by readers and editors of the Big 7 travel site, who chose from 50 islands spread around the world. Very surprisingly, there were no other Croatian islands listed, but there were the Seychelles, Bora Bora, Barbados, the Maldives, breathtaking places in Hawaii and the Caribbean, and islands of Zanzibar, but all these places were overshadowed by Korcula.

It is difficult to choose the most beautiful island among all the many inhabited and uninhabited islands of this country. Each of them is distinct from the others in one form or another, and each has unique qualities, customs and traditions. This particular Croatian island, however, has clearly caught the attention of the international community.

Margaret from Ireland said: “What do I think of Korcula? If you’re ready to live in the moment and meditate, and you have to imagine a happy place, that’s it. There is no price at which it could ever be sold.

Evelyn from France also has nothing but praise for the idyllic Korcula: “It’s very quiet and the people there are very nice. Everywhere we go we meet lovely people, so I think we’ll be back.”

The old town of Korcula is a must-see for all visitors, and is fondly remembered for its beautiful architecture.

”Another specificity is that the side streets are curved so that the strong winter winds cannot enter the old town while on the left they are flat so that the summer mistral refreshes us every day” , revealed Andrea Tedeschi, a tourist guide based in Korcula, for RTL. Those who built the buildings on the island of Korcula were smart, and there are now a number of restaurants to brag about as well, and for very good reason.

”The gastronomic life of Korcula as a whole is fantastic. I think you rarely have so many different gastronomic offers on an island in Croatia,” said Ante Bojic, the owner of the oldest tavern in Korcula.

Hana Turudic, Director of the Korcula Town Tourist Board, said: “We love our little island, we keep it very hospitable with the welcoming hearts of the local people, there is something for everyone on this Isle”.

The hidden gems that Korcula can boast are many, such as the magnificent beach which, in addition to being bathed in sunshine, calm and crystalline sea and silence, also offers a view of the island of Lastovo, seeing it earn a rightful place on the list of the most wanted beaches in the world.

This new title could bring many guests from all over the world to Korcula, and nature has done its work in the many gifts it has bestowed on this breathtaking island, and now it’s up to the locals to keep the island as it is – the most desirable.

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