All kinds of Valentine’s Day gifts make our hearts swell, whether it’s dazzling jewelry, a cozy meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or a personalized token, but getting swept away is the ultimate path to success. heart of a globetrotter. And with the easing of travel restrictions following the Omicron assault, there’s nothing like a trip to a tropical paradise surrounded by the pristine blue waters of the Indian Ocean to relax and wash away all the stress caused by the pandemic. Plus, of course, there’s the bonus that enjoying the idyllic scenery, discovering new culinary delights, having fun-filled adventures, or recharging together at a spa are all surefire ways to enhance your relationship.

The private island of Velaa in the Maldives is one of those heavenly spots that beckon couples to embark on a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day. Nestled in the constellation of islands that form Noonu Atoll, it is the perfect choice to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, especially for those who consider privacy to be paramount.

Couples can be pampered with relaxing and rejuvenating treatments at Velaa Spa, a health sanctuary that organizes personalized beauty and wellness experiences. In fact, the luxury island that takes exclusivity to another level is known for offering some of the world’s most innovative beauty and wellness treatments, such as the Cloud 9 relaxation facility. adventure can also enjoy a wide variety of activities in the resort, such as jet-skiing, windsurfing, pedal boating, hydro flight toys and scuba diving in the resort’s dive center. station.

Meanwhile, foodies can experience the various dining choices, including private dining by the sea. In-house chefs have prepared a sumptuous menu at the Aragu Signature Restaurant, but there are also two other elegant gourmet restaurants for dining. . For pre- or post-dinner drinks, the boutique hideaway has two bars and the most exclusive winery in the Maldives. also. Alternatively, couples can savor sunsets on plush daybeds at the resort’s jetty or dine in the overwater gazebo as the sun sets.

Dream decor and views

Unspoiled nature, world-class amenities and secluded tropical tranquility help enhance a most romantic and peaceful break at the resort, designed by award-winning Czech architect Petr Kolar. Described as “an elegant fusion of Maldivian culture with contemporary luxury, intimate with Maldivian undertones”, Velaa Private Island combines traditional Maldivian architecture with modern elegance.

Velaa actually means “turtle” in the local language, an ode to the generations of sea turtles that flock there to nest and hatch. And from a bird’s eye view, the 18 villas built over the water are built to resemble the head of a turtle, with the island forming the body. All 47 expansive villas, whether located on the beach or on the lagoon, offer private moments on long sandy beaches facing breathtaking sunsets. The bedrooms open onto terraces, where the jacuzzi, pool, sundeck and sunken bath offer varied views of the horizon. Discreet service, a hallmark of Maldivian hospitality, is also provided with personal butlers, available upon request, and concierge services for all guests.

The romantic residence with swimming pool

Exclusively accessible by boat, this ultra-private one-bedroom villa suspended over the lagoon provides a romantic setting for any celebration of love with its breathtaking ocean views. The spacious bedroom has a super king-size bed, designed with natural materials and neutral colors and equipped with a walk-in wardrobe. The residence has a gym, a spa treatment room, a fully equipped kitchen and an infinity pool.

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