It is paramount for us to understand how we contribute to the environment while working on successful businesses and businesses. Nor does it exclude the tourism industry on a global scale.

In the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic, many travelers are reorienting their travel plans while making newer and fresher adjustments; that is, most travelers consciously choose destinations that promote or exploit environmentally friendly concepts.

For this reason, many travelers are keen on seeking places where eco-friendly tourist properties are in abundance and have a long list of such properties to choose from while ensuring that their bank balances are not strongly shaken. Here, we take a look at some of the cities where eco-friendly or sustainable tourist properties are comparatively higher in number than most other places.

1 – Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is widely regarded as a haven of eco-friendly properties, while globally it is also the second city with the most sustainable hotels in the world.

The city’s tourism framework leans heavily on becoming a fossil fuel free economy by 2040 and for this reason it is also considered one of the greenest cities in Europe at present. .

What’s most interesting is that over 40% of the city’s more than 200 hotels have been awarded sustainability badges according to the popular travel website;

2 – Lahore, Pakistan

Historical monuments, crowded restaurants and well-kept parks are all an integral part of Lahore, which is ideally considered the identity of Pakistan. This bustling city is rich in culture found around every corner, while the soaring minarets and magnificent Masjids are popular spots that attract travelers in droves.

Lahore is also one of the greenest places in South Asia in terms of tourist properties and most of these properties are considerably cheaper than accommodation or accommodation found in other countries in the world. ‘South Asia.

While more than 500 hotels operate in the city, many of these places have received badges on and TripAdvisor for their commitment to sustainable tourism.

3 – Medellin, Colombia

This city is no longer identified as what it once was. A city that was once overrun by dangerous gangs and cartels has since seen gradual change and growth. Medellin is now a vibrant tourist destination for thrill-seeking travelers seeking a culturally rich vacation experience.

The city is full of beautiful natural landscapes, hiking trails, and offers several other adventure activities including ziplining and horseback riding.

Most tourist properties in Medellin have user ratings of four to five stars according to the latest TripAdvisor surveys and reviews. Meanwhile, many of these properties don’t charge large sums for you to book rooms with them, while many of these plush accommodation blocks and suites are betting heavily on eco-friendliness and tourism sustainability. .

4 – Vancouver, Canada

Arguably the city with the most green and sustainable properties, Vancouver has been voted the greenest city in the world in 2021. The city has been widely praised for its extensive efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and for increasing its recycling. from 40% to 60% in just one decade.

Most tourist properties have significant bans on plastic or non-biodegradable products, while some notable properties include Fairmont Waterfront for its excessive push towards recycling.


It’s an unusual entry since it’s not a city but a whole country. However, over the past couple of years, the Maldives has gone parallel to eco-friendly and sustainable tourism with several top properties launching their own eco-friendly projects.

Since the Maldives is a tropical, low-lying and flat country that could face strong climatic repercussions in the coming years, the country’s government has actively tried to present the horrors of sea level rise. and the impact of carbon emissions on its ecosystem at various international platforms.

State-supported initiatives and hotel brands operating in the country have found a strong synergy in their commitment to promoting respect for the environment, which also remains evident with many Maldivian resort properties awarded and awarded in recognition of their commitment to this cause.

Recently, a Maldivian resort; Radisson Blu Resort Maldives has announced its own coral nursery while Soneva properties are world renowned for their eco-friendly tourism concepts.