By sunset on Wednesday, the capital’s Covid-19 positivity rate had fallen to 5%.

According to the latest figures made public by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), 971 new cases of Covid-19 and 310 recoveries were confirmed between 6 p.m. Tuesday and 6 p.m. Wednesday.

With this development, the number of Maldives Covid-19 cases has increased to 167,496.

A total of 4,106 samples were tested for infection during the reporting period, of which 846 were collected in the capital where the Covid-19 positivity rate currently stands at 5%.

Wednesday’s Covid-19 cases include 45 cases detected in the Greater Male region, 862 in residential islands and 43 in operational stations.

By sunset on Wednesday, active cases of Covid-19 across the Maldives had risen to 15,871 from 15,211 the previous day.

HPA revealed that the total number of confirmed recoveries in the archipelago nation so far has risen to 151,319.

Four more patients were hospitalized during the reporting period, with which hospital admissions rose to 29.

The Maldives reported its first Covid-19 related death in April 2020. The total number of confirmed deaths in the island nation stands at 294.

The country has been in a state of health emergency for almost two years now, since March 12, 2020. The last extension is due to expire on February 28.

Although the Maldives kept the number of Covid-19 cases at low daily figures in the capital region towards the end of 2021, cases in the capital had increased at the start of the year. For this reason, HPA has reinforced security measures in the Greater Male region. However, the number of cases has decreased in recent days.

On February 22, HPA dissolved the regulation mandating PCR tests for those traveling to the islands from the capital, changing the guidelines published on January 9.

As such, HPA revealed that the changes include the dissolution of the regulation which required valid PCR test results 72 hours prior, when traveling to residential islands from the capital Male.

In addition, HPA revealed that the limit on the number of people allowed to participate in rallies and attend events as well as ceremonies in the capital has been revoked.

While HPA also banned spectators from attending sporting events in the capital due to an alarming spike in Covid-19 infections, it has since been revoked.

However, the public has been asked to continue to organize events and other similar activities in accordance with the recommendations and instructions in place for the safety of people.

PCR tests were made compulsory for travelers from the capital to the atolls in January, when the Maldives was plunged into a growing virus outbreak.

It has seen queues at PCR test centers overcrowded and congested with several people standing in line for hours to get their tests done.