Pesaro, December 15, 2021 – Breathe a different air, don’t be bombarded by the words contagions, Covid And vaccines and disconnect from this complicated reality. In short, “a way to start living again”. Daniele Santini, 62, and his wife Stefania Paci, 57, after months of confinement, alternating closings and reopenings, inconvenience and social precautions, have decided to travel.

Since September 30, the Italian government has created gods Tourist corridors without Covid, or organized trips, managed by tour operators, in six regions of the world: Seychelles, Aruba, Mauritius, Dominican Republic, Sharm El Sheikh And Marsa alam in Egypt and Maldives. The latter country was the destination chosen by the couple.

From 14 to 29 November they lived in “a bubble, with all the people vaccinated and also buffered, without ever wearing a mask, ”explains Santini. He and his wife, after the double dose in Italy – on their return they received the third -, underwent a molecular test before leaving Verona. Then disembark in Malé, the capital of the Maldives, located in the atoll of the same name in the Indian Ocean near the equator.

Covid, the travel guide

“At the airport , as with us, there were distances, masks, disinfectants for the hands ”, continues Santini in story. A few hours and here’s the domestic flight to an island of “600 meters by 300 meters that we did on foot in 15 minutes”, he explains. On this island – one of the 1,192 coral islands that make up the archipelago – the couple stayed in the residence for a few weeks of vacation. About 200 guests from all over the world, around 20 Italians. Santini and his wife. , married for 25 years, were the only two from Pesaro, the first two to organize a trip in the tourist corridor of the Maldives with the Marchionni agency.

And to think that the two should have gone to Marsa Alam in May 2020. But the blockage of travel – given the dramatic situation due to the spread of the pandemic in the world – prevented it. Thus, “after an intense summer, we decided to disconnect, in complete relaxation to take a vacation for ourselves”, continues Daniele Santini, football fan and big fan of Sampdoria. They chose one of the non-European countries on the government’s list that they are only allowed to travel to through travel agencies or tour operators who grant the ticket, because otherwise they would be forbidden to enter for vacations.

The resort where the couple was staying had reopened in the first days of October. And it did so by housing only people who had completed the vaccination course and who had a negative swab. “Don’t think about Covid, they told us don’t worry, don’t worry. The mask is not necessary. So much so that we forgot to put it on and on our return, for the 12 hours of travel by plane, we were no longer used to wearing it “, he concludes Santini. Then a tampon, always molecular, before And finally a little test once landed in Italy. If the Maldives were already an earthly paradise, now with these corridors, to quote a film, they are “paradise for real”.