The Maldives Customs Service reported a turnover of MVR 316 million for July 2022, up 31%.

According to the authority’s latest statistical update, the Maldives imported MVR 4.3 billion worth of commodities, including fuel, an increase of 56%.

Excluding fuel, the total value of import products amounted to MVR 3.3 billion, up 44%.

The Maldives exported 78 million MVR of commodities, up 52%.

Major import products include;

1. Food products (excluding pork, alcohol and tobacco) – 5.6 billion MVR

2. Fuel (marine gas, gasoline and aviation gas) – 919 million MVR

3. Machinery and mechanical devices – 734 million MVR

4. Base metals and articles of base metals – 430 million MVR

5. Products of chemical and allied industries – 239 million MVR

Top import destinations included Oman, with imports worth MVR 797 million, or 19% of total imports. India with 698 million MVR of imports, or 16% of the total, and the United Arab Emirates with 550 million MVR of imports, or 13% of the total.

The other main import destinations are China and Singapore, which account for 493 million and 343 million MVR respectively.

Major export products include;

1. Skipjack tuna (prepared or preserved) – MVR 40 million

2. Skipjack/skipjack (frozen) – MVR 14 million

3. Fish Meals, Metals and Pallets – 4 million MVR

4. Piece of yellowfin tuna (fresh or chilled) – MVR 4 million

5. Yellowfin tuna loins (fresh or chilled) – 3 million MVR

Export destinations include Germany with 21 million MVR of exported products and the United Kingdom with 18 million MVR of exports. Other major export destinations are Mauritius with exports worth MVR 13 million, Bangladesh with MVR 5 million and India with MVR 4 million.