EaseMyTrip is looking to acquire several brands in 2022 in the hotel, taxi and vacation segments.

Talk to Activity area, Prashant Pitti, co-founder of EaseMyTrip, said: “At EaseMyTrip we are looking to become a complete travel ecosystem, this is our main goal. For this, he has a double plan: to acquire companies in several travel segments and to build a brand image.

According to Pitti, the company has signed termsheets with several companies, as well as companies that have international travel business.

After its IPO, EaseMyTrip acquired at least three companies – Spree Hospitality, Traviate Online Private Limited and Yolo Traveltech Private Limited.

He is interested in companies where it is a win-win for both companies. “If you see our recent acquisitions, most of them are in non-airspace and will continue to manage them as is. With the help of EaseMyTrip, we plan to develop them much faster but independently. But both companies could benefit from each other’s services and data, and that makes our brand better. “

Revenue forecast

Regarding the gross booking revenue (GBR) targets, Pitti said that in 2021, the company recorded a GBR of 2,100 crore. “If Omicron’s impact is short-lived, we are looking at a GBR of ₹ 3,500 crore over the coming year.”

“Purely backed up by data, we’re only seeing a slight drop of 10-15% from the last wave. So people are scared but not as scared as wave one or two.

According to him, Europe, Russia, Thailand and Singapore, if opened, could replace the Maldives and Dubai as must-see travel destinations in 2022.