Meeting of the Joint East Asia-Pacific Commission and the South Asia Commission of the World Tourism Organization and the UNWTO Tourism Roundtable was held with the virtual participation of the Director General of Foreign Tourism Marketing and Development of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts as the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Maldives.

The 34th Meeting of the Joint Commission on East Asia and the Pacific and the South Asia Commission of the World Tourism Organization and the UNWTO Tourism Roundtable on Flexibility through innovation and digitization International Meeting on Community Tourism. The torpedo took place in the Maldives in the presence of Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

In this meeting, the Director General of the Foreign Tourism Marketing and Development Board, while appreciating the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization and his team on how to manage and act against the crisis of the coronavirus, presented a report on the activities and actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He raised issues such as the damage caused by the coronavirus to the global tourism industry, tourism businesses and the tourism industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and advised to reconsider the future of global tourism and the how governments act in similar long-term crises. Issues such as digitizing processes and encouraging outbound tourists to travel within the country were highlighted.

In addition, other issues such as the examination of tax and insurance exemptions in the field of tourism and tourist facilities, such as the reduction of relevant costs in the energy sector for hotels and offices of travel and tourism services, the promulgation of laws and guidelines to improve the health status of tourism and related businesses. More importantly, in the area of ​​health protocols and safety of tourist facilities, as well as boosting the demand rate by promoting safe destinations in the region and neighboring countries, was also raised by the General Manager of Marketing and foreign tourism advertising.

According to Ajdari, digitizing certification and licensing processes for tourist facilities, taking special measures to include jobs and tourist activities for receiving pensions in the priority list of governments, creating a comprehensive education system based on tourism to raise awareness among the public and tourism stakeholders and focus . Target markets and regional cooperation to accelerate the process of improving the tourism situation by injecting financial aid was another part of Torpedo’s speech at this global event.

The meeting also took place in the presence of Harry Huang, Director of the Asia-Pacific region, who presented the annual report of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Representatives from Japan, Indonesia, Bhutan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Macau, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Fiji and Laos spoke at the meeting about the measures taken in their countries to restore tourism in the post-corona period.