April 23, 2022 5:06 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India] April 23 (ANI/PNN): Travel and travel company Olivel Tours recently introduced its new packages for the Maldives, Dubai and Andaman. They offer low-cost packages that include visits to local attractions and adventurous activities. The trip also includes meals in high-end hotels and tasting of Maldivian, Dubai and Andaman specialties. They also offer unique honeymoon packages for newlyweds at each of these locations that cover all major tourist attractions hassle-free.
Olivel Tours has meticulously planned travel packages to most Indian and international destinations. They offer high-quality tour packages that provide exciting options at an affordable price, whether it’s a honeymoon, family vacation, or a night out with best friends. They also provide the facility to customize safe and flexible travel packages, which are popular among prospective travelers and tourists from all over the world and Indian residents.
Speaking about the brand, Founder and CEO Sarath said, “I have always had a passion for travel; my passion for exploring new destinations and cultures encouraged me to enter the travel business. thought of what could be a better way to continue the joy than owning my travel agency and that’s when I founded Olivel Tours in 2017. Every member of our team is driven by desire to travel and explore new destinations. Their knowledge of destinations is unmatched. In this digital world, they are the few who can offer you authentic information about different destinations and advise you on new ways to explore. Many members of our team have extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry and have been with Olivel Tours since its start-up phase. They can connect clients with the best places to stay and share hidden treasures, which will make your trip unforgettable.”

He added, “With our recently launched packages to Maldives, Dubai and Andaman, we want people to enjoy each local tourist spot while exploring cultures. In the future, we plan to strive to offer our customers unforgettable travel experiences that exceed their expectations. With this goal, we aim to become “the most trusted and preferred travel agency in India.” I always believe that one does not need a reason to travel. Embrace the opportunities to travel, connect with people, explore different destinations and cultures, and take home a heart full of beautiful memories that will last forever.”
Chennai-based Olivel Tours has been awarded as “Best Travel Agent 2020” for its excellent service and in recognition of its outstanding activities aimed at improving tourism during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Currently, They (Olivel Tours) offers more than 150 foreign sites and 100 domestic sites that are both high quality and affordable. They try to provide their consumers with the best guaranteed price program by bringing all the B2B vendors together in one platform to provide their services to the customers. They also offer their customers 24/7 emergency service. They have specialty sections that also offer a variety of services. Each department works independently to provide the best possible service to its consumers and establish long-term friendships. Olivel Tours is the best option for your next adventure if you are looking for a travel agency.
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