The GoMedii health technology platform aims to act as a digital enabler for quality and affordable healthcare for foreign patients, who come to India for medical tourism. Working closely with the government, GoMedii aims to organize the highly fragmented medical tourism industry by bringing all services together under one roof.

Rohit Singh, co-founder of GoMedii, said the brand is playing an active role as an MVTF in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and SAARC regions are major tourism markets. medical in India, with Bangladesh and Africa. contributing a lion’s share of traffic.

Singh pointed out that Africa remains a largely untapped market with great potential. “The key performing markets that we see with huge potential to boost the medical tourism sector in India are African countries like Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia and more, thus making the African continent a performing market for GoMedii,” Singh said.

GoMedii aims to bank on India’s quality and affordable healthcare along with cost-effective allied services that reduce treatment costs by 50-80% compared to other popular medical tourism destinations like Turkey and Malaysia.

“We plan to expand our reach in our top performing markets globally by empowering patients and their families with the right transparent insights through a well-established network of partners,” said Abhishek Chandel, Co-Founder.

Rohit said GoMedii is focused on three key elements: providing technology-driven healthcare solutions; provide patients with reliable information; formalize and structure the medical tourism sector.

Patient data on GoMedii suggests that most African patients come to India for transplant surgeries, IVF treatments, knee replacements and oncology treatments. Over the years, patients from the Gulf countries have also preferred Indian healthcare, with most of the traffic coming from the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Iraq, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Most patients from the Gulf countries come to India for orthopedic, cardiac, bariatric and cosmetic treatments.

Patients from Cambodia, Myanmar, Maldives and Uzbekistan have started to prefer India over Malaysia for cosmetic surgery, dental care, organ related treatments and orthopedic surgery.