The Government of the Maldives has announced the opening of the application window to deliver 3,000 plots out of the 5,000 plots and 4,000 housing units planned.

The Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, Mr. Mohamed Aslam, in a ceremony held at the President’s office on Sunday, June 26, officially launched the dedicated portal for interested residents to apply for the program.

According to the minister, the plots will come from Hulhumale’ and Gulhifalhu.

Residents registered in the city of Male or living in the capital of the Maldives will be able to apply for the program through the “Gedhoruveriya” portal subject to eligibility.

Meanwhile, Mr. Aslam confirms that the smaller plots will be 1,225 square feet.

Applicants have the choice of applying individually or through joint applications, while the maximum plot size issued on the basis of joint applications will be 4,000 square feet.

The Minister further affirms the publication of regulations for the issuance of land and apartments.

The portal has also facilitated the application of the 4,000 housing units that are currently being developed in Hulhumale”.

Male residents and people who have resided in the capital of the Maldives for more than 15 years will be eligible for the apartments.

Applicants will be able to apply for the housing program until September 26, 2022, after which applications will be assessed.

The Gulhifalhu rehabilitation project will start with a loan facility from a European bank. The signing for this was made earlier on June 16.