Regulations on foster families have been published in the National Gazette.

The Ministry of Tourism is preparing to launch the concept of homestay tourism in the Maldives next week. The ministry on Thursday released guidelines and regulations for the program, which is primarily aimed at ensuring security and sustainable growth with minimal negative impacts on local communities. Income generated by the Homestay Program will be taxable at the same rate as local guesthouses. The regulation also delegates several responsibilities to island councils.

Regulations published in the journal include:
– Guidelines on obtaining permits to manage tourist guest houses according to the host family model.
– The prerequisites for obtaining a permit.
– Inspection guidelines.
– Modalities of change of owner.
– Amenities and services required.
– Prerequisites for the island on which the property is located.

Homestay licenses will be issued to properties with 1 to 5 bedrooms. The regulations detail the standards for bedrooms and bathrooms and other information. The size of each room, including the adjoining toilet, must be greater than 120 square feet.

The introduction of homestay tourism is part of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration manifesto on the blue economy. Three years after the start of the current mandate, the administration will launch the concept in two days at a special ceremony in Mr. Maduvvari. President Solih himself would participate in the function.