The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has urged people to use face masks again, especially in crowded places, following a significant rise in reported Covid 19 cases.

HPA’s announcement indicates that Covid-19 cases have increased in recent days in different parts of the world, and the Maldives is also currently experiencing a coronavirus surge.

Thus, Covid-19 infections reported in the third week of June saw an increase of 185% compared to the second week of June.

HPA revealed that the number of hospital admissions has increased in recent weeks, adding that so far in June three Covid-19 deaths have also been reported.

That being said and as residents across the country plan to travel in time for Eid and the upcoming school holidays, the public health authority has urged taking precautionary measures, to help curb the spread of the virus as well as colds and other airborne diseases.

As such, the public has been urged to use face masks in public spaces where large crowds of people gather, as well as in enclosed spaces. People at high risk of complications from Covid-19 have been particularly urged to follow these measures.

In addition, people have also been advised to wear face masks when attending school, office, airport, shops, ferries, buses as well as seaplane terminals, mosques and banks. .

As places that provide health services are usually full of high-risk people, HPA urged people to wear face masks when visiting hospitals, health centers and clinics for everyone’s safety. The public health authority also urged people to limit hospital visits and not to visit hospitals unless necessary.

HPA also urged those showing symptoms of Covid-19 to use face masks, self-isolate as soon as they detect symptoms and get tested.

The public was also asked to keep public and open spaces clean and disinfected at all times, on a regular basis.

Stressing the importance of regular hand sanitizing and washing, HPA also urged the public to get their doses of the Covid-19 vaccine as well as the flu.

Urging travelers to ensure that the Covid-19 situation in their travel destinations is controlled, HPA revealed that travelers should take the necessary precautions before making their reservations and ensure that they are fully vaccinated before traveling. travel.

The public health authority also urged the public to refrain from organizing and attending large gatherings unless absolutely necessary. Organizers have been urged to adhere to the guidelines and safety precautions in place when planning events.

Authorities have yet to reveal plans to officially implement tougher measures against rising Covid-19 cases.