Express press service

HYDERABAD: Flyers’ travel plans have been dashed as the third wave of Covid-19 spreads rapidly across the globe. After Sankranti, the plans of dozens of travelers who wanted to leave their cities for business and tourism purposes put their plans aside.

Some frequent international travelers are crossing their fingers. “Since October and November things had been improving and I had planned to travel to the US, Australia and Canada in February. All my plans are dashed now. Every year after Pongal, I leave the country for a business trip,” explained tech entrepreneur Ravi Korukonda.

His travel stats show that he traveled 7,62,090 km (11 countries) in 2019, which dropped significantly to 723 km (one country) in 2020. “In 2021, I traveled 0 km. It is difficult for people like us to run our business in this situation as I prefer to do business in person. Getting new accounts is not easy,” he added.

Some of those traveling on domestic flights canceled tickets. “I had planned to take my family to Bhubaneswar, after Sankranti. As I don’t want my parents to be exposed to the virus, I canceled my entire family’s tickets,” said Harish Daga, a senior project manager at an IT company in the city.

Tour operators explain that only “essential” travel is undertaken, while leisure travel is discontinued. “Our business collapsed. People who were planning holidays in countries like the Maldives and Turkey canceled their plans. In December, domestic travel peaked and we did roaring business in Goa. But since early January , people who fear being stranded in an alien city choose not to travel,” said Obaid Qureshi, CEO of Link Holidays.