Minimum visits

Like street musicians, cultural wonders will only make you feel guilty for ignoring them. Dubai may be preferable to Rome, for example, if you plan to spend the whole day by your hotel pool.


Proximity to the pool or the sea is essential on the fly and the flop, for the sense of well-being one gets just by lying beside it, watching the glitter of sunlight dance across the surface and lazily considering the possibility of a swim later. There’s probably a word for it in Italian.

good books

…and the bad ones. A whole week ahead of you – the perfect time to finally give Infinite Jest a try! But just in case, also take something easy and enjoyable – it’s about relaxing, not improving.

No children… or autonomous children

Many parents are capable of flying and collapsing with young children. I am not one of them. Poolside lifeguards, entertainment, sunscreen, meals, bedtime… Wait until they’re older or find a good kids’ club, if yours likes that sort of thing.

The psychology of just turning off

When the world is full of fascinating, little-explored corners, a week under the Balearic sun can seem like a guilty pleasure. But in fact, this kind of break is not only pleasant, it is essential for our mental and physical well-being, and certainly should not be felt as guilt.

“More than ever, I see employees exhausted to the point that they’re using their time off to simply recuperate,” says organizational psychologist Sally Evans of Perform and grow, specializing in health and wellness. “But our holidays should be about relaxing and having fun – not just recuperating to get back to the fray.”

According to the Health & Safety Executive website, 822,000 Britons suffer from stress and anxiety caused by work. Many don’t take their full vacation allowance, but the benefits of taking it, Evans says, shouldn’t be underestimated. “Holidays can reduce the risk of heart disease, improve our emotional, mental and physical health, and reduce stress.”

Here are his tips for quitting:

  • Turn off your phone. Our brains are overstimulated and we are always on the move. Taking the time to disconnect is crucial to recovering our cognitive energy.
  • Delete social media apps! Try to enjoy the present moment.
  • Slow down and take the time to notice the beautiful things around us, during walks in the trees, in the mountains or by the sea.