After nearly two years of waiting, people are starting to travel with vengeance again, heading straight for more distant destinations and often ignoring the price, according to HomeToGo, one of the largest vacation rental companies in the industry. At the same time, people book more in advance, while looking for companies with flexible options, such as non-traditional accommodation.

“Travel has entered a new era and alternative accommodation will continue to reign as new zeitgeists in 2022, especially with travelers who have traditionally booked hotels but tried and enjoyed vacation rentals during the pandemic,” he said. said Dr Patrick Andrae, co-founder, and CEO of HomeToGo.

International travel tops the list
Over the past few months, searches on for international stays have increased 88% from 2020. The number of people seeking to travel abroad is back to 2019 levels.

The destinations with the highest increase in research demand for 2022 compared to 2019 are Tuscany, Italy (+ 141%), Bora Bora (+ 98%), Maldives (+ 97%), southern France (+88) and Istra, Croatia (+ 74%).

The experience trumps the price
According to a survey of more than 1,000 US travelers, almost half ranked relaxation as their main motivation for travel in 2022. At the same time, HomeToGo saw a global increase of 54% in the average value of vacation bookings. 2021 compared to 2019, as well as an increase in search demand for luxury destinations such as Maui (+ 215%), Nantucket (+ 195%), and Hilton Head Island (+ 134%).

Early bookings dominate
Popular destinations are booking faster than before the pandemic. As a result, travelers book further, with an average booking of 94 days. In 2019, the average HomeToGo user booked 71 days in advance of their trip.

Important flexibility
Along with past bookings, HomeToGo has also found flexible booking options, such as free cancellations, to be a concern for travelers as well. According to the survey mentioned above, 77% of travelers said flexible options will be important to their booking decisions over the next 12 months.