OWhen I was a kid, we used to go to Pontins, which was considered a posh holiday camp, and we had a good time in places like Brean Sands in Somerset.

In 1973, my school organized a cruise on the SS Nevasa, which was a troopship from the 1950s, so not very luxurious. The trip cost around £80, which was a lot of money, so my grandparents helped my mum and dad, thinking it would be educational – and it was, in different ways, but not necessarily the right ones.

When we arrived in Dubrovnik, where the boat was docked, I thought it would be good to go exploring in a bus that was going to the other side from the huge harbour. After returning quietly, I was greeted by my history teacher and the Sergeant-at-Arms, who yelled at me for delaying the start by an hour.

Hadley found himself drinking wine at a Naples pizzeria when he was 13


During the cruise we made stops in Turkey, Greece and Italy, and by the time we arrived in Naples I was derailed – I was with sixth graders and we drank a lot of wine at a pizzeria in street ; I had to be taken back to the boat because I couldn’t stand up. I was only 13 but an absolute nightmare.

When we got back to the UK, my mum and dad were waiting outside school, and all the other parents were talking about the postcards and letters their children had sent them. Mine didn’t know anything about the trip because I hadn’t sent anything and my mom was really upset.

My favorite experience when traveling with Spandau Ballet has to be our first trip to Australia, where my eldest son, Tom, took his first steps – he is now 38. We had been in Europe for two and a half months in the middle of winter; we had a cold and felt terrible, but we had a two week vacation in Australia before we started the tour.

With the crowds that came to see us there, and just being in the countryside, it was amazing. We went to all the big cities, and I remember it was so hot in Perth. I particularly liked Melbourne because it had a bit of a European feel to it. We were all about 24 at the time; five young guys from London living in Australia – it was crazy.

Buxton Opera House in Derbyshire

Buxton Opera House in Derbyshire


I would really love to explore the UK more and tour the Highlands, Norfolk and Suffolk. My 40th anniversary tour is the first time in years that I have visited so many places in the UK. One of my favorite towns is Buxton in Derbyshire, which is beautiful; The Opera is a fantastic venue and there is a pub opposite which is very handy.

Some of my most exciting trips have been to military gigs – entertaining troupes in the Falkland and Ascension Islands, as well as Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus and Northern Ireland. I’ve been on nighttime helicopter trips with the troops and done some ramping – the ramp is down and you sit, roped in, legs over the edge; it was exhilarating.

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My best family trip was a sailing vacation around the Greek Islands with all my kids and my wife, Ali, which was absolutely amazing. We really got into sailing, and we docked in beautiful fishing villages on tiny islands and splashed in the sea – the kids loved it. We had planned to do it again for my 60th birthday in 2020 but couldn’t due to Covid.

This year we’re going back to Mallorca, which we love — we’ve been there about 25 times. My buddy runs a bar near Alcudia on the northeast coast and we rent a nice villa in the middle of nowhere. When you do a lot of touring sometimes you just need to chill and relax with the kids – I love snorkeling and scuba diving.

I never took my wife on a honeymoon, and she keeps reminding me of that. His chosen destination would be the Maldives, and I’m a little afraid of getting bored, even if the diving there is incredible. We’ve got to go, 100%, or she’ll never forgive me.

Singer-songwriter Tony Hadley, 62, was the frontman of Spandau Ballet. His 40th anniversary UK solo tour concludes with orchestral performances in Manchester, Southend, Birmingham and London in October (tonyhadley.com). He lives in Buckinghamshire with Ali and their two daughters. Tony Hadley: My Life in Pictures is out now (£20; Omnibus Press)

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