Thursday, July 7, 2022, 3:16 p.m.

  • Katherine Ryan and Joe Wilkinson will present a new value-priced holiday series for Channel 4
  • Vacation at Joe and Katherine’s Bargain will see the couple ’embark on a relentless pursuit of well-priced getaways, both in the UK and further afield’
  • Six programs will cover vacations such as a family seaside getaway, couples retreats and girls’ weekends

Picture shows L-R: Joe Wilkinson, Katherine Ryan. Copyright: Channel 4 Television Corporation

Joe Wilkinson and Katherine Ryan present a new low-budget holiday series for Channel 4.

Vacation at Joe and Katherine’s Bargain is a new format of mainstream entertainment in which the pair will “show the general British public how to have a fantastic holiday for almost zero cost”.

Six one-hour episodes are being filmed for broadcast in 2023.

Hungry Bear Media producers explain, “Comedian Joe Wilkinson loves a bargain and is dedicated to saving as much money as possible while on vacation. a lemonade budget, then she’s all ears.

“In Vacation at Joe and Katherine’s Bargain, the duo embark on a relentless pursuit of rewarding getaways, both in the UK and further afield, showcasing a different type of vacation in each episode. Whether it’s the ultimate couples retreat on a budget, a girls’ weekend that won’t break the bank, or a family beach getaway that won’t empty your pockets, Joe and Katherine have tons of ideas for a discount vacation.

“Together, they’ll visit the best unknown resorts, test and review each destination’s most profitable restaurants and activities, find the best tips, tricks and hacks while compiling the ultimate bargain-packed itinerary.

“With their fun yet factual tips for saving while on vacation, Joe and Katherine show us how to shop smart for the best rental deals, how to maximize the free breakfast buffet, or how to haggle like a hardcore pro. If there’s a good deal to have had, you can be sure this pair of comedians will find it.

“Funny, inspiring and sometimes chaotic, Vacation at Joe and Katherine’s Bargain is a must-have guide to our next vacation destinations, how to get the best price, and where to find unmissable bargains.”

Joe Wilkinson says: “If pushed, I would have to say my three favorite words are: ‘bargain’, ‘holiday’ and ‘good’ (and ‘large portable vacuum-packed food bags…’). This series gets under the skin of all three. We’re going to experience the best vacation in the world and we’re going to have fun doing it! (And a few tears, I’ll swell up in no time.)”

Katherine Ryan adds: “Three of my favorite words are: ‘cocktails’, ‘Maldives’ and ‘helicopter’. This series will really test my friendship with Joe.”

Channel 4 Editor Deborah Dunnett said today: ‘Who doesn’t love saving money? Or going on holiday? I can’t wait to see Joe and Katherine dive deep into the basement of great travel deals.”

Dan Baldwin, Managing Director of Hungry Bear Media, said: “Hungry Bear is delighted to be doing this show for Channel 4. The world can’t have enough laughs…or good business. Pay attention to the best tips, advice and real money savings. tips for having the brightest vacation on a budget, guided by two great friends and two masterful comedians, Joe and Katherine.”