For TV presenter Laura Hamilton, traveling isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. Having been one of the faces of Channel 4 A place in the sun Over the past decade, she has visited destinations all over the world.

Outside office hours, you’ll likely find her on Spain’s Costa Del Sol – where her family has a holiday home – or taking her children, eight-year-old Rocco and six-year-old Tahlia, on a trip to the Maldives (” I” I take them at Easter to celebrate one of my milestone birthdays…’)

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After years of amazing experiences – traveling everywhere from Cuba to Thailand – we asked Laura to share some of her most unforgettable trips and the vacations she can’t wait to book now that the world is opening up again, with a little help from Cosmos and Globus tours.

Family vacation in Croatia

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Last year, Laura took Rocco and Tahlia to Croatia, where not only did they get some much-needed beach time, but she realized how much her kids had developed their own sense of adventure.

“It was only a three or four day trip, but we drove around Split and Hvar and managed to organize a zip line trip through the caves,” she recalls. “We climbed this rock face and the children obviously came down with an instructor, but they weren’t afraid of anything!” It was about 200m long and so tall – they blew my mind!

Exploring India on foot

Jaipur, India

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For Laura, part of traveling is getting to know the local culture and people. ‘I’ve stayed in amazing places [in India], which I had the privilege of doing, but when I leave, I don’t want to spend all my time in a hotel,” she says. “I want to explore, try local specialties and get to know the culture – I think part of traveling is seeing a place for what it is.”

Traveling with an escorted tour operator such as Cosmos – which specializes in multi-destination travel – is perfect for a “can’t sit still” adventurer like Laura. On India’s eight-day Golden Triangle tour, tourists can not only tick off key bucket list items like seeing the Taj Mahal at sunset, but they can also enjoy experiences authentic local experiences, like traveling through the colorful Chandni Chowk bazaar in Delhi by rickshaw, guided by experienced tour operators.

COSMOS TRAVEL TIP: Explore bustling local food markets on a walking tour of Jaipur and visit the ancient city of Kachhpura – both optional excursions on a Cosmos Tour

Seeking Adventures in Costa Rica

girl walking on suspension bridge at cloudforest monteverde, adventure in costa rica central america
Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

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As a dedicated mom of two, finding a family vacation the kids will love just as much as she does is a top priority. Now that long-haul vacations are back on the agenda, Laura can’t wait to take her kids to a place they’ll never forget, and Costa Rica – with its biodiverse Monteverde cloud forest. and its extraordinary tropical fauna – tops the list. listing.

“I would love to take the kids there after hearing some amazing things [about it] by A place in the sun. My kids are going to love the jungle, and my son, in particular, is obsessed With animals.’

Tourism in North America

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Having traveled extensively across the United States, key sites such as Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon and Alcatraz in San Francisco are all highlights for Laura, but what struck her most during those travels is how tiny some of the rural towns were, compared to the enormity of the towns and sites she visited. “I flew to San Francisco, visited Yosemite, then back up the coast to Monterey,” she recalls – which you can visit on the nine-day Globus tour in the northern California – “I remember seeing little signs as you travel past these off the beaten path villages, saying, ‘Number of people here: four’ – you feel like you’ve literally stepped back in time .

GLOBUS TRAVEL TIP: For a lesson in local history, join the one-hour narrated cruise that sails under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – an optional excursion on a Globus tour

A surprise trip to Sri Lanka

buddha statue bahiravokanda vihara white buddha, kandy
Kandy, Sri Lanka

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After traveling to the Maldives in 2011, Laura found herself stuck in newlywed paradise due to an Icelandic ash cloud. But not one to dwell on the negatives, the travel expert decided to take advantage of her situation, take a 90-minute flight to Sri Lanka and ‘launch’ it on a surprise two-week adventure .

“It was an amazing trip!” she says. “We stayed in Colombo for a few days, then we did the Golden Triangle tour to Sigiriya Rock in Dambulla, before heading to Kandy and on to Galle”, – none of this was planned. “Some of the best trips for me have been totally spontaneous,” she admits. ‘[In Sri Lanka]we stayed in a boutique hotel for a few nights, then went off the beaten path and stayed somewhere more rustic, before ending up in a lovely hotel – having that mix of it all really makes you appreciate that luxury at the end.

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