Glad to see the recent trend of more countries eliminating testing requirements for travellers. Now you can add another popular tourist destination to the list of countries taking this approach.

Maldives scraps testing for vaccinated visitors

The Maldives relies heavily on tourism and reopened to visitors several months after the pandemic began. Until now, the Maldives has required visitors to get tested, but this will change shortly. Since Saturday March 5, 2022, the Maldives have been the following changes entry conditions:

  • Vaccinated travelers will no longer be required to present a negative PCR test result prior to arrival
  • Vaccinated tourists staying on inhabited islands will no longer be required to present a negative PCR test on departure

This is great news and it saves you the hassle of visiting the Maldives. Travelers will still need to complete a traveler health declaration before travel, but that’s about it. Of course, keep in mind that individual resorts can always choose to have a testing requirement (as many properties are on their own islands), but I suspect most won’t.

Vaccinated visitors no longer need to be tested

It’s so nice to see this “return to normal”

While it goes without saying that testing is an important tool in the fight against coronavirus, I’m glad to see that testing requirements for travel are coming to an end. After the reopening of borders, this is the biggest thing that can be done to facilitate international travel.

The concept of having to test is great in theory, but has many problems:

  • It’s still a huge money grab, with PCR tests in many places costing well over $100 per person, and in some cases $200+ if you need them at short notice.
  • Testing requirements are so uncoordinated, especially when traveling to multiple destinations in a short time; it often takes hours to get tested multiple times for a larger trip, and that’s not even factoring in the cost
  • The set of tests for the travel industry is extremely dodgy, as I have already explained

It’s great to see more countries taking this approach, and especially places like the Maldives, where testing was prohibitively expensive.

This change removes a barrier to travel

At the end of the line

The Maldives is removing its testing requirements for vaccinated travelers effective March 5, 2022. This is great news, as vaccinated travelers will no longer need to take PCR tests. We’ve seen this trend in many countries over the past few weeks, so hopefully it becomes the norm soon enough.

What do you think of the Maldives removing the requirement to test vaccinated visitors?

(Hat tip to Dale)