An all-inclusive plan, on the other hand, would include all meals, including the mini-bar. Evening snacks, drinks, even free activities at the kids’ club, non-motorized water sports or spa treatments for kids. This way you don’t have to worry about all the extras while on vacation. These packages also include à la carte meals in specialty restaurants unlike the full board package, so you have a wider choice. Although these were generally only offered in economic complexes; in recent years, several all-inclusive luxury resorts have opened.

Self-catering is not an option as most of the standard villas only have an electric kettle and only the ultra-luxurious large family villas or private reserves with several rooms have a kitchenette or a bathroom. fully-fledged kitchen, usually with a resident chef.

Tip: Choose an all-inclusive package on an island that offers a variety of dining options with both a la carte and buffet options. There are several properties that allow children under 12 to stay and eat for free, and have a separate children’s menu. Pay attention to these.

Maldives with children: what’s the plan for medical emergencies?

Most stations will have a resident doctor, or share one with another nearby station. However, for serious injury or illness, it will be necessary to travel to Male, or to a local hospital in the nearest atoll capital.

Access to even basic drugs is both expensive and difficult. Therefore, find out about the nearest medical facility, travel with medical insurance, and take a set of medications your child may need in an emergency.

There are, however, islands with access to state-of-the-art medical facilities such as ultrasound, x-ray and decompression chamber equipment (for divers), 24-hour nurses, and even dentists. If your child is planning to take the Bubblemaker or a scuba diving course for the first time, check the facilities available.

The most common risk is prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Invest in a coral-safe high SPF waterproof sunscreen, a rash top or a full coverage swimsuit, and make sure the kids stay well hydrated!

Tip: Two simple but essential items to pack in addition to a children’s medical kit are snorkel shoes to prevent cuts and bruises from corals and seashells during beach games or snorkeling and bug spray completely natural.

All in all, with a little more attention to detail, asking nuanced questions and researching based on your specific preferences, you can pick the best Maldivian resort for your next family vacation.