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Constance Halaveli Maldives is committed to achieving her sustainable development goals and has successfully implemented many green initiatives over the years.

As ‘real people’, we take care of our customers by providing ‘real service and a real experience’. And as ‘True People’, we take care of the Indian Ocean island, the ‘True Place’”

— Shermaine Kong, Quality and Sustainability Manager

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 24, 2022 / — Constance Halaveli Maldives is an intimate and luxurious hideaway located on the Maldives’ North Ari Atoll, a wilderness that connects land and sea; conservation and cultivation; as well as well-being and innovation. It is a place that cultivates connection and appreciation of the natural world; stirring souls and opening eyes to the Maldives that lies beyond breathtaking beaches, to the fragile undersea world, to creative communities, to ancient crafts and traditions, and to the conscious collaboration of people and of the planet.

Constance Halaveli Maldives is committed to achieving her sustainable development goals and has successfully implemented many green initiatives over the years. As sustainability ambassadors dedicated to providing the best service while keeping the environment clean and sustainable, the resort incorporates environmental leadership into everything it does and adopts best practices while complying with regulatory requirements.

Sustainability Ambassadors Shermaine Kong, Quality and Sustainability Manager and Health and Safety Coordinator of Erkaiym Tabyldieve, believes: “As ‘real people’, we take care of our customers by offering ‘ a real service and a real experience”. And as ‘True People’, we take care of the Indian Ocean island, the ‘True Place’, where our property is located along with the planet we all live on.

Constance Halaveli partners with the NGO Manta Trust
Swimming with manta rays is high on the wish list of many visitors to the Maldives. Being one of the most majestic creatures to be seen underwater, snorkeling or diving with these gentle giants is the ultimate experience. On October 21, 2021, Constance Halaveli Maldives wanted to do more to help protect these magnificent creatures and partnered with the Manta Trust, an NGO dedicated to protecting manta rays and the marine ecosystems they inhabit. Now, as responsible operator of the Manta Trust, Constance Halaveli is officially committed to minimizing the impact of her clients on the manta and mobula rays they encounter.

Parley Ocean School
Constance Halaveli has partnered with Parley Ocean School for plastic recycling since April 2018, collecting all plastic bottles on the island and transporting them to Male and then to Germany as there are no recycling facilities in the Maldives. This initiative coordinated by Parley Ocean allows plastic collected by the resort to be recycled and used to create new items, such as Adidas running shoes. The collaboration with Parley Ocean School is a serious step towards preserving the natural environment and from 2018 to 2020 the station sent around 651 kg of plastic for recycling.

In February 2021, Constance Halaveli formalized her collaboration with Parley Ocean School with a signed joint letter of intent: Under this agreement, the resort is committed to avoiding the use of plastic; transport plastic waste via boats operated by the station; as well as working with nearby

local communities and schools to foster appreciation of the ocean and its ability to sustain and sustain itself. These initiatives raise awareness of the urgent need to protect the oceans by synchronizing our lives and economic systems with the biodiversity of the living ecosystem.

Nature Guide Tour: “True By Nature Journey”
Constance Halaveli contributes to the conservation of biodiversity, in particular by supporting protected natural areas and areas of high biodiversity value. Divers are made aware of these protected areas before starting their diving program. The Sustainability Ambassadors also offer a guided nature tour for guests to help reveal little secrets and create “meaning for the miracles of nature”. The philosophy of the tour is fun and interactive to highlight some of the special features, such as the adaptations of many plants and animals on the island. It also ties into the theme of surviving on a remote island in the event of a lockdown, as well as the resort’s sustainability practices. This brings in the human element so that the tour is not only about nature, but also about connecting people and sustainable living practices.

Sustainability news
To raise awareness and promote the resort’s sustainability efforts, ”Sustainability News” is displayed on an in-house TV channel in guest villas and on the Constance app, for use by in-house guests. All annual sustainability events including World Environment Day, Earth Day, World Oceans Day and Global Wellbeing are promoted with enjoyable activities such as sand sculpting, lagoon cleaning and gardening organized for the participation of resort team members and guests.

Charity / Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Events
Tour of the Covid facilities
To thank the medical professionals who have fought tirelessly on the front line, Constance Halaveli offers lunch to the team at the Hulhumale Covid Facility as a token of appreciation. The facility welcomes all high risk Covid patients from the outbreak until now. The resort thanks the Hulhumale Covid Facility team for their constant efforts to ensure a safe and healthy destination.

School visit
True to its core value of ‘Generosity’, Constance Halaveli makes donations to local schools and invites students to visit the resort and its facilities. Most recently, the resort hosted 24 students from Maalhohu School to celebrate Brand Week. A presentation about the company and the resort was given, followed by a site visit of engineering, F&B outlets, spa and guest villas. These initiatives have been mapped to the Sustainable Development Goals to visualize this contribution to student success and, in turn, inform the station’s long-term strategy.

Throughout the year, Constance Halaveli hosts a series of visits to local schools to foster children’s environmental awareness through engaging discussions on a variety of topics. Through nature walks around the resort, school children receive first-hand knowledge from representatives of each department.


Promoting local culture:
Constance Halaveli shines an enduring spotlight on traditional arts and crafts. The complex supports Boduberu – Heart of Local Music, the best known form of music in Maldivian culture. Ethical souvenirs: lacquered wooden objects, handcrafted boxes and objects of all shapes and sizes are featured in our souvenir shops. And overall, the resort promotes local cuisine and local culture.

Constance Halaveli also supports the local community in many other ways; the most important being employment. The resort also sources locally by purchasing fair trade fish, bananas, melons and coconuts.

Promote green acts:
Plastic straws are banned and replaced with paper straws. To encourage guests to participate in waste reduction, a battery recycling bag is provided for visitors to take their old batteries (as well as those used by others) home for recycling as there is no there are no recycling facilities nearby.

Constance Halaveli’s housekeeping policy is to change bed linen for all guests once a day. However, to help save water and reduce the use of detergents, the resort encourages all guests to actively use the small turtle Kahambu, the resort’s environmental mascot. By placing Kahambu on top of the bed, the linen is changed once every 2 days instead of every day.

Constance Halaveli also bottles her house water on-site through the Echo Pure system. This water is served to all our customers with an average of 350 bottles produced and consumed daily. The station can save up to 126,000 plastic bottles per year, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable option for the planet. As another commitment, the resort encourages guests to purchase reusable water bottles which are available at the resort shop.

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