Published on: Thursday June 16, 2022

To make up for the time lost over the past two years due to the pandemic, more and more travelers are now interested in alternative, authentic and conscious tourism experiences. With new features of sustainable travel aimed at destinations as well as their residents, travelers are now looking for environmentally friendly and socially responsible experiences.

This new trend, according to tourism experts, has been observed all over the world. It will take sustainable tourism to a whole new level and recognize it as “meaningful tourism”.

Meaningful tourism advances sustainable and responsible tourism, given the growing demand and changing behavior of domestic and international tourists.

Wolfgang Georg Arlt, CEO of COTRI and director of the Meaningful Tourism Center, explains that the achievement of international tourism, with five times more trips made in 2019 compared to the year 1980, has again and again ridiculed the idea of hospitality and in many places has become an overwhelming force on culture, authenticity and serendipity, negatively affecting stakeholder satisfaction levels. Meaningful tourism re-emphasizes quality, which brings visitor satisfaction.

Arlt has brilliantly stated that meaningful tourism avoids creating artificial mountains in the Maldives. It does not create artificial beaches in Mongolia. However, for a Tokyo resident, he sure understands the charm of emptiness and the clear Finnish night sky.

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