February’s midterm fights from the UK have increased by almost 600% in a rush to take advantage of any further relaxation of Covid rules.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has indicated that the remaining testing regulations will soon be lifted and that the boom in bookings precedes potential changes.

The number of flights has increased by 591% compared to the February 2021 half – although they are still down 38% compared to the previous year before most countries imposed Covid travel restrictions.

A study by an aviation analyst Cirium reveals that Spain is expected to be the most popular destination for holidaymakers with 1,354 flights in the period February 14-20, followed by Ireland with 646 flights from the UK.

Some 8,304 international flights are expected to depart from the UK this half of February, equivalent to more than 1.6 million seats

The February half of last year saw just 1,201 international departures from the UK, while 2020 saw a “significantly higher” 13,422.

Services between the UK and the Maldives have seen the biggest increase, with 133% more services in the next half year compared to the same period in 2020.

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Meanwhile, flights from the UK to China fell 94% comparing the half of February 2022 to 2020 – the biggest drop.

As the UK government seeks to scrap Day 2 arrival testing for fully vaccinated travellers, Cirium has analyzed the number of flights and seats in the UK for this coming semester.

It revealed that 8,293 flights were due to land in the UK from international destinations, which equates to 1,620,893 seats.

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