The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) is keeping the destination momentum going in our biggest market for this year, the Indian market, through a variety of activities and participation in the most important fairs and exhibitions.

As such, MMPRC has revealed that it is hosting several exciting events, with more in the pipeline, to maintain the interest and momentum the Maldives has achieved with the Indian market, particularly over the past few years with other important markets such as China. closed due to Covid-19.

India was the largest market in 2020 with an arrival figure of 62,960 and a market share of 11.3%. The Indian market recorded similar performance in 2021 with more than 278,740 travelers and a market share of 22.6%.

In June this year, the Maldives welcomed 119,967 Indian tourists to the country. During this period, India has ranked as the country’s top source market, contributing 14.8% of the total market share for 2022 so far.

To maintain the destination momentum of the Maldives, MMPRC has carried out several activities targeting the Indian market in addition to participating in leading trade shows such as OTM 2022, SATTE 2022 and TTF 2022.

Thanks to the feedback and interest shown by the Indian market before, during and after these events, MMPRC planned and conducted several joint campaigns with business leaders in the travel and tourism sector. This includes an outdoor advertising campaign promoting the destination in five different prime locations in the Delhi and Greater Noida region, with a total reach of around 7 million due to the excellent locations selected.

Additionally, the promotion ran from May 1 to June 3, 2022, coinciding with SATTE 2022, and the locations where Maldives were promoted were at a large intersection en route to SATTE. It was also a great place to attract the attention of general commuters traveling in the city, with a large number of people visiting locally and from different cities, to encourage them to visit the Maldives.

MMPRC is currently running joint marketing campaigns with Thomas Cook, PickYourTrail and Vistara Inflight magazine, the latest of which is being run from May to October 2022.

Vistara is India’s only five-star rated airline, with an exclusive set of consumers and high recall value among travellers. Vistara Inflight Magazine is designed for elite and High Networth Individual (HNI) audiences who want to enhance their lifestyle, enrich their minds and expand their experiences through the lens of travel.

The audience is young and includes celebrities and businesses eager to engage with content and media across different platforms. About 500,000 passengers pass through Vistara in a month.

MMPRC stresses that this campaign will promote the Maldives as an ideal holiday destination and encourage the elite and HNI to consider the beautiful islands of the Maldives for their next vacation.

Additionally, articles, advertisements and infomercials placed in the magazine are expected to reach over 700,000 affluent readers, while the native story placed on Vistara’s website is expected to have a minimum of 55,000 page views. Additionally, the Vistara newsletter which reaches over 3 million subscribers will also feature advertisements for visiting the Maldives.

A team of media professionals representing various leading Indian media outlets also visited the Maldives on a tourism familiarization trip, June 13-19, 2022.

The team stayed at Kuramathi Maldives, The Residence Maldives and Noku Maldives. MMPRC officials visited Kuramathi Maldives to meet the media team and discussed expanding efforts to further promote Maldivian tourism in the Indian market.

They have also promoted the romantic side of life to Indian audiences through their partnership with Wedding Affair magazine.

Wedding Affair is one of India’s best-selling international wedding magazines, aimed at luxury and niche audiences and read by nearly 50,000 loyal readers. The Maldives’ 8-page cover and infomercial reached a readership of approximately 870,000 readers, and the online portion of the campaign reached over 48,500, bringing the campaign’s total reach to 1,033,385 readers.

MMPRC has also targeted potential travelers through the radio medium, campaigning with one of the most trusted agencies in India regarding radio campaign advertising, IAM Communications, for 2 weeks in July 2022. The campaign is running in 8 markets key sources: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta, Cochin, Trivandrum, Chennai and Ahmedabad. The campaign includes 180 spots in each of the 8 cities – 35,000 seconds of airtime during the campaign and 40 seconds of RJ mentions. The expected reach of this campaign is over 1 million.

MMPRC emphasizes that their strategies for the Indian market have been designed with a focus on ambient reinforcement of the Maldives brand in all major cities. The strategy identifies channels to access the luxury market segment, which includes high-end magazines, high-profile roadshows in locations that appeal to the luxury market segment, and the promotion of affordable vacation options through roadshows in more accessible locations for this specific market segment.

There is also a focus on targeted advertising for honeymooners and family vacations, greater B2B contact to raise awareness of affordable bed and breakfast and resort options, and use of social media for promotion. of the brand during holiday periods.

MMPRC also conducted several promotional activities for this market in 2021, such as an e-learning campaign with 2HUB, a Tri campaign with Yatra & Go Air, and influencer and celebrity familiarization trips, in addition to represent the Maldives in leading fairs and exhibitions.

MMPRC said many other activities are underway for this market for the remainder of the year, including TV promotions, radio campaigns, familiarization trips and joint marketing campaigns with airlines, tour operators and travel agents.