The Sands Torquay continues to progress and innovate a bright future under new ownership, hiring experienced chef Bevan Vahland to lead local flavors in the kitchen, and new general manager Maurice Van Den Bosch, who brings over 19 years hotel management in the business of working across the globe.

From restaurants to high-end healthcare at the Epworth in East Melbourne to a la carte service at conference centers and hotels, the new executive chef has done it all.

Mr Vahland has now set his sights on the Surf Coast, wanting to seize the niche opportunity at the north end of Torquay to create a culinary wonderland.

The 25-year-old veteran has spent most of his career managing kitchens in Melbourne, but recently moved to the Surf Coast where he grew up after spells in Lorne at The Mantra as well as Truffleduck in Geelong.

“I’ve always had a passion for sustainable food and connecting it with local audiences wherever I’ve worked,” Vahland said.

“At The Sands, we want to connect and tell stories by linking our practice with local artists and producers, so that we in turn can cook delicious dishes that will highlight and highlight this beautiful region.

He hopes to bounce his creative and eclectic style onto the rest of his team in the kitchen and create the ultimate bespoke experience that takes the indulgent on a journey.

“We have a really interesting and exciting journey ahead of us and we look forward to creating a truly community-driven offering that is unique and locally focused,” Mr. Vahland said.

“It’s great to be back in Torquay and I’m delighted to be attached to a company that has big creative aspirations like me.”

Outside of the kitchen, Mr. Van Den Bosch will lead the property, bringing more than two decades of hotel management experience to the table as the new General Manager of The Sands.

Having managed properties in iconic tourist destinations around the world, including the Maldives, for the past five years, Mr Van Den Bosch is looking to lead the future of The Sands as it seeks to re-establish itself as a gem on the Great Ocean Road.

“Being able to travel and manage many sites around the world has been an amazing opportunity that has provided me with a lot of learning and experience that I will be looking to implement here at The Sands,” he said.

“I believe the tips and tricks I learned during my time in the Maldives, New Zealand and Uluru will allow me to create fun and inclusive new practices that can take The Sands to the next level.

The new chief executive said his first impressions of The Sands were incredible, thanking the support team that has formed around him to help move the facility forward in
the future.

“You need to be flexible and open to many different day-to-day activities in this role, whether it’s budgeting in the office or being out in the field and creating a strong customer experience.

“It’s about creating a place and an atmosphere where people want to be.”

The Sands ownership group are delighted to have the pair on board and look forward to seeing the pair lead the business into a sustainable and successful future.