Neha Dhupia says marriage and the birth of her children changed her life. The actor, who will be seen in the upcoming crime drama a thursday, is happy to juggle life and career as she shares responsibilities with her husband Angad Bedi. The couple have two children – daughter Mehr and son Guriq. The actor says it’s all about decisions about their children or responsibilities, she and Angad split everything ’50-50′.

“Children have completely changed my life. There are these two human beings who are completely dependent on you and your husband. It’s almost as if we live in this magnetic field where we are so attached to each other. Neha told

She says that when it comes to her personal life, she doesn’t relate to her character ACP Catherine Alvarez, who is a strong-headed police officer. However, as a professional, Neha considers herself an independent woman who has always let her instincts guide her in her career choices.

“I think creatively and logically. I say to myself – what is this project going to bring me – and based on that, I make the decision,” she said, admitting that her children also influence her work now. “In a weird way, my kids are also helping me make a career choice because I look at them and I’m like, ‘Is the job that’s been offered to me so good that I can leave them at home and leave?’ You can tell my standards are high now.

The actor says it was his parents who gave him the strength to make independent choices. “When my father sent me from Delhi to Mumbai, the only thing he said to me was – ‘Always keep your head between your shoulders.’ And I think I pretty much did. Another thing my mother said to me was, “No matter what happens, it happens for a reason, and the reason is always good. They were like ‘Humein kabhi phone mat karna agar koi movie hit ya flop hojaye kyunki humein koi farq nahi padta Our girl is ours We love you Your movie is a hit or a flop it doesn’t matter Your safety, your health – those things are important to us. So call us for that. I always had the support of my parents. They were like my backbone. I can’t do anything without them. And now I have my family, who have grown up in such a beautiful way,” she said.

Neha’s son Guriq is about 4 months old and her daughter Mehr is 3 years old. Calling Mehr “very cute,” Neha recalled her daughter’s days on the sets of A Thursday. “She came to the set on a Thursday and sat in my van. For the next two days, she said to herself, “I want to go to Mom’s office. She thought my office was full of fun people, makeup, brushes. This is his level of understanding. Once she saw me sitting in front of the ring light doing interviews, she said, “Oh, mom went to the moon. This is when she was 2.5 years old. But now she is a bit older. She knows that once the light is on, she has to shut up,” smiles Neha and adds that Mehr is “a smart, intuitive and emotional girl.”

“Her EQ and IQ are very high. I was having this conversation with her last night that I’m going to be away for Thursday A promotions, so what is she going to do in my absence. She said, ‘I’m going to play, I’ll go to the park and wait for mum. When I asked her if she was going to take care of her little brother, she replied ‘Yes’. So the children understand,” she said. declared.

“My only advice (to new parents) is that even if you spend very little time with your children, make sure the time is focused. And I feel like young independent working parents raise smart kids. and independent. So they see us and they learn from what we do and they know a lot of it is for them,” she continued.

Returning to One Thursday and the character she plays in the film, Neha revealed that when she was offered the film, she was not pregnant. And by the time filming began, she was in her second trimester. Recalling the conversation with the filmmakers, Neha said her husband Angad Bedi’s support during this phase meant everything to her.

“I was hired for this job when I was not pregnant. So when you go back to the director to inform him that by the time we start filming I’ll be six months pregnant, that’s a tough encounter. I think my biggest support was my husband who sat down with me at the meeting and was like, “If it goes well.” It will be a great moment to participate in. But he also said he would be there for me even if the conversation goes another direction where they say it’s not something we’re looking for.

But Neha is also grateful to the creators who were thrilled to have her on board. “Whether it was Behzad Kambata or Ronnie Screwala, everyone was so supportive. This group of boys was like- ‘It’s okay if you’re pregnant. It’s not like the cops aren’t pregnant. We will work with you no matter what. So, it was huge,” Neha said, adding that during this time all of her family members helped out. “So I called my mum and said I will be away for 15-20 days in August. I told her that while I am in Mumbai I will technically not be with my children. My parents are arrived by plane. So everyone fills in, everyone has a role to play. Sometimes Angad and I both have promotions or work in different places, but we manage.

Looking back on her experience filming One Thursday, Neha said she “feels good” that the industry is moving forward and moving beyond the typical portrayal of an actress. “If not now, then when?” she said, adding that she felt blessed to be a part of all the trends and changes the industry has gone through over the years. “I’m blessed because when I wanted to do mainstream commercial cinema. When I wanted to make films like Mithya, Ek Chalis Ki Last Local or Phass Gaye Re Obama, those worked well. And now I’m part of movies that are backed or padded with women, which is so awesome. Also, today, age, height, and all of those things aren’t like end-of-career stamps anymore. And that’s what makes it better. I’m so glad the industry is moving with the times.

Although Neha does not regret her trip, she thinks the new actors are very well prepared and have easy access to people. “The younger generation are so well prepared, which I don’t think they have been. I remember how I was offered my first film. I was just told – ‘Yeh film hai, aapko Maldives jaana hai. Ajay Devgn hai is my film.’ Like literally, that’s how I was informed. And then, boom! Overnight, people know you as “the heroine Qayamat ki”. But now, today’s generation has the support of an army of people. I had about 2-3 films to choose from for my debut. I was like – ‘accha isme two heroines hai aur isme ek hi hai. Chalo doosra chooses karte hai.’

“In addition, today, people are accessible. You have an idea or advice on who to meet. You follow people’s journey and journey on social media, which I wish there was in my time. But other than that, my trip was such a hectic. And if I ever had to sit down and think, I really have no regrets. I feel like everything worked in my favor. I’m a new mom, I’m working, everyone is fine, and I’m literally married to my best friend. So movies come in or come out, get support or lead, nothing matters in the long run. What will matter are the values ​​you give your children as a parent, the name and respect you have earned for yourself as an actor.

But what does she want her children to learn from her trip? “Very early in my life or in my career, I decided that I was going to be myself. And that’s the lesson I try to teach even my children. Whatever you do, be yourself. Don’t be afraid of who you are. But you have to know where to draw the line. You need to know what your limits are. Most importantly, you have to know when to say no,” Neha replied, adding that the very first word she taught Mehr was “Bass” (stop).

“Literally, the first word I taught my daughter was ‘bass.’ day someone was playing with her. After a while she said ‘bass.’ So she knew where to draw the line and those are the kids I want to raise,” Neha concluded.