Niecy Nash has revealed she saw a therapist with her partner, Jessica Betts, saying the move has helped them tremendously to “communicate better”.

Niecy and Jessica secretly tied the knot in August 2020, much to the surprise of fans, who had no idea the actress was in a relationship with her longtime friend. Since their marriage, the 52-year-old has raved about her romance with Jessica, having credited regular therapy sessions with helping them “unpack things”.

“The greatest gift we’ve ever given ourselves is therapy,” Niecy said. OKAY! Magazine in a recent interview. “We go separately and we go together – just to help us unpack things, manage things, communicate better, and there’s nothing wrong with getting help.”

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The Claws star wants to end the stigma around therapeutic support. While his relationship with Jessica was already going great, talking to a professional only made their marriage stronger.

Niecy, who is preparing to host the reboot of Don’t Forget The Lyrics on FOX next month, went on to tell the publication that she sincerely believes she has found the love of her life, adding that their couple was just meant to be. be .

Also, when she and Jessica started out as friends, there were no initial signs that correlated to the idea that they would be the perfect couple, even though Niecy realized that she shared a lot in common with her boyfriend. of the time.

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In her chat with the outlet, she further noted that even though she never dated anyone she was friends with at first, Niecy seemed to have strongly resented the fact that her best friend was also her lover.

“The best part is, I’ve never had a relationship with someone I was friends with first. I show up to the good parts. I mostly approach my relationships, like, ‘No, I didn’t. I don’t need you to be my friend, I need you to be my lover, I have friends.’

“She [Jessica] is the most beautiful soul I have ever met in my life. You could never have told me that I would have been in a gay marriage. I already had two weddings under my belt and I would have done it again the same way.

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In May 2021, Niecy stunned fans when she joked that she wanted to “have sex” anywhere in the world – not excluding fun times on the plane – with her partner once the restrictions of travel eased amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

By talking to page 6, the mother-of-three said she was already a member of the mile high club, so getting weird on a plane wasn’t going to be anything new for her. “I’m the president,” she joked. “I can send you an application if you want to join us.”

“I want to go everywhere. I want to go to Italy, I want to go to Dubai, I want to go to the Maldives, the Turks and Caicos Islands… I just want to run naked. Why not?”