Hyderabad: National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said on Friday that no nation can be built where the rule of law has failed, where people cannot feel safe and law enforcement is weak , corrupt and partisan.

Speaking to the Indian Police Service (IPS) trainee officers at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA), he said they have a vital role to play in nation-building through the law enforcement.

“The essence of democracy does not lie at the ballot box. It resides in the laws made by the people who are elected by these ballot boxes. You are the implementers of the laws. Laws are not as good as they are made. The laws are as good as they are executed and enforced and the service people can get from them, ”he said after reviewing Dikshant’s colorful parade.

He told the IPS interns that if they don’t apply the laws in the letter and spirit in which they were made, they are as good or as bad as they were made.

A total of 132 officer trainees from the 73rd IPS Group and 17 officers from Bhutan, Maldives and Nepal graduated from the academy after 46 weeks of Phase 1 training.

Darpan Ahluwalia, a female executive from Punjab on probation at IPS, led the fainting parade. Originally from Mohali and holding an MBBS degree from Government Medical College in Patiala, she is the sixth woman to lead the academy parade in more than seven decades.

Academy Director Atul Karwal said Darpan Ahluwalia was also the general leader of Phase 1 basic training which includes indoor and outdoor classes.

Doval advised the trainee officers to develop a national perspective to really make their contribution. “Remember that you are for India and India is for you. India’s interest must be paramount,” he said.

The NSA said service to people was the greatest service not only from a nation-building standpoint, but also from a national security standpoint. “Wars have ceased to be effective instruments for achieving their political and military objectives.

They are too expensive and unaffordable, and at the same time there is uncertainty about their outcome. It is civil society that can be subverted, can be divided and manipulated to harm the interests of a nation. “

He also stressed the need to maintain internal security. “If internal security fails, no country can be great and if people are not safe and cannot reach their potential, no country can develop,” he said.

The NSA told the police that they were not only supposed to enforce the laws, but were also supposed to protect and maintain peace and order on 32 lakh km². He said the police are also expanding border management in 15,000 km border areas with Pakistan, China and other neighboring countries and with different kinds of security issues.

Doval pointed out that the SVPNPA has trained 5,700 officers since 1948 and that many of them have excelled and brought honors and laurels. He said they were inspirational as they led central and state forces and played a vital role in nation-building in the post-independence period.

“They led courageous men and women of about 21 lakh people in the States and the Center. 35,480 of the brave sacrificed their lives. They were the great leaders who were able to inspire and make people do the greatest sacrifice. These are the qualities of leadership that we expect from each of you, “said Doval, who also passed out from the same academy.

Mentioning that 40 of the IPS officers who passed out from the Academy were martyred, he said they all played a similar role in nation building. “You too have a big role to play. You will all see the 100th anniversary of the independence of India and beyond. It will be another India then. India is on the march and you will lead these police forces at a time when India has a new place on the international stage, “he added.

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Posted on: Friday November 12, 2021 13:41 IST