With borders reopening, Filipino travelers want to explore international destinations more than ever.

Their travel preferences have also shifted from pre-pandemic.

Booking data from travel platform Agoda showed that in 2019, before travel was heavily restricted, the countries that followed the Philippines as the preferred travel destination for Filipino travelers were Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. .

This year, those three countries have been replaced by Singapore, the United States and Thailand respectively, Agoda said.

The change also means major ranking jumps for Singapore, which was in sixth place in 2019, as well as for the United States which placed ninth.

Compared to 2019 where Asian countries dominated the list of top destinations in the Philippines, Filipinos in 2022 have set their sights on European countries like France, Spain, Italy, UK and Switzerland.

Internationally, Filipinos, Malaysians and Indonesians are flocking to countries with cooler climates, with the UK and the US emerging as top destinations. India, meanwhile, is looking for a warmer climate, with the Maldives taking the top spot, followed by the United Arab Emirates.

Another comparison between booking data from 2019 and 2022 showed a change in the top ten destination choices for each country. Japan was among the top destination picks in 2019, ranking second among the most searched destinations for the Philippines and third among travelers from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. However, this year Japan slipped out of the top 10 list as the country still remains closed to tourists. Other 2019 favorites such as China and Hong Kong are also not in the top 10 this year with existing border closures. This indicates that countries that quickly eased restrictions and opened their doors stand to gain from international tourist arrivals during this period.

Meanwhile, this year’s top destinations also indicate travelers are opting to travel further afield, with countries like France, Turkey, Germany and the United Arab Emirates emerging as top destination picks. Switzerland, famous for its rich milk chocolate and fascinating alpine landscapes, made it into the top 10 list for all markets. – Irma Issip