April 2, 2022 – The Indian market is huge and offers an opportunity that may not yet have been fully exploited by the Croatian tourism sector. In the post-pandemic period, Indian tourists are hungry for travel, and the Place2Go promotion might just put Croatia on their map.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, after a two-year break due to the global coronavirus pandemic, this spring the International Tourism Fair, Place2Go, returns to the Zagreb Arena, where thirteen countries will present their local exhibitors, mainly from the most close to Croatia, but also to remote areas such as Indonesia, the Maldives and India.

Moreover, India is a partner country of the Place2Go lounge, which comes with the fortunate circumstance that India opened up to international travel only five days ago, two years after its borders were closed due to of the coronavirus pandemic. A Place2Go promotion might be exactly what is needed to attract a huge market of people to this country.

Opening a new slot

Croatia could well be able to count on this distant and very important market, with which a new niche of “start-up tourism” is opening up, the organizers and partners of the show announced on Thursday. “We are happy that after a two-year hiatus and several failed attempts to organize this show, we can finally announce Place2Go, which we managed to organize last month, and do the work that took ten months before the pandemic took place. hit.

We equipped ourselves, we took reinforcements, we are happy to have our loyal sponsors with us, and things are going well. In addition, during this period we participated in fairs in Belgrade and Ljubljana and we noticed a great interest in Place2Go”, fair organizer Damjana Domanovac told a conference of press held recently.

As usual, the first day of the show is reserved for B2B meetings and networking around the themes of smart tourism, green transition and digitalisation, and the weekend will be intended for visitors, for whom entry is free.

The public will be able to enjoy lectures by bloggers and travel writers, a game whose prize is a trip to the Maldives, as well as a rich entertainment program. Currently, entry is only intended for those with a valid COVID certificate or a negative test, but an interpretation from the Croatian Institute of Public Health is still pending on whether this will remain mandatory, according to Domanovac.

The Place2Go fair is an opportunity India wanted to use to further promote a country that has worked hard over the past two years to strengthen its tourism infrastructure, Indian Ambassador to Croatia Raj Kumar Srivastav said.

“I believe that travel restrictions, as well as the coronavirus pandemic, are now behind us, and this presents us with many opportunities for economic cooperation and tourism. Indian tourism over the past two years has been limited to traffic domestic so Indians are eager for cross-border customers and to travel abroad themselves 85% of India’s population has been vaccinated against novel coronavirus In 2019, 70,000 Indians traveled to Croatia compared to 50 000 a year ago, a significant increase which I hope will continue I believe that Croatia will reach its pre-pandemic figures in the Indian market this year, and we will exceed them next year, if not there are no major surprises,” said Ambassador Srivastav.

Start tourism

The Indian Ambassador also expects additional tourism exchanges with India to be boosted through economic cooperation, for example through the India-Croatia Startup Bridge project, which enters a new phase in early April.

As is already quite well known, it is a digital platform launched at the end of last year with the aim of strengthening trade and economic cooperation between Croatia and India. In a few days, more precisely on April 4, the first startup challenge will start, sponsored by Koncar and Infobip on the Croatian side, and the winners of the challenge will have the opportunity to exchange, Croatian startups will go to India and vice versa versa .

“We can call it start-up tourism because it is a two-week trip and different destinations will be visited, and families can also be taken on these trips. For example, I would like to see our startups from the gaming industry in Novska, which is one of the best ecosystems for this industry in Europe,” said Ambassador Raj Kumar Srivastav, who clearly believes that a Place2Go promotion will bring many benefits to both India and Croatia.

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