The description

Scuba Diver North America is an independent, lavishly illustrated scuba diving magazine dedicated to showcasing some of the best dive sites in our aquatic world, as well as helping you develop as a diver, whatever your level. certification or your training agency (SD North America is not affiliated with any training organization), and bringing you comprehensive reviews of the latest scuba gear.

Scuba Diver North America is compiled quarterly by enthusiastic, long-time, active divers for divers like you, led by industry veteran and award-winning underwater photographer Walt Stearns.

In each issue you will find inspiring and in-depth reports on diving hotspots around the world, local dives right here in the USA and Canada, short-haul destinations such as the Caribbean and Central America, d old favorites like Southeast Asia, the Pacific Ocean and Australia, and distant destinations like the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Maldives and South Africa, plus gear reviews unbiased and informative tips and advice on techniques to make you a better diver, industry news, technical articles, and much more.

Scuba Diver North America is printed and distributed from the United States.