Located in the heart of the beautiful Bunaken Marine Park, Siladen is one of the most popular resorts in North Sulawesi, whether you like great photos, snorkeling or just hanging out, eating delicious food and watching babies. turtles come out of their nests. And after two long years of Indonesia being closed to the outside world due to COVID, the country, the resort and its breathtaking dives are once again accessible.

The resort has been officially open since January 5 and has started to welcome international travelers again, albeit with the hassle of applying for visas before the trip. Now, like pre-COVID times, Indonesia’s immigration department has finally reinstated visas on arrival in Manado, Jakarta and Bali for 60 countries, and there are no PCR or testing requirements. rapid antigens to enter the country for vaccinated travellers. Here’s how General Manager Miguel Ribeiro and Customer Experience Manager Ana Fonseca shared the good news with us:

Our entire team are delighted to welcome guests back to the resort and look forward to welcoming you in a friendly and cheerful manner, ensuring excellent customer service and satisfaction is our priority. One of our greatest pleasures this year has been to welcome back so many guests who have been waiting for Indonesia to lift its restrictions. These guests were very happy to see the familiar smiling faces of our amazing team back at the dive center, restaurant and other departments.

We have received great feedback from returning guests as they have acknowledged that we have maintained the resort during the pandemic so it looks its best. This year we also had a fair amount of water during the rainy season so the grounds are green and lush.

Teddy, our very popular and long standing member of the dive center staff, is still one of the dive center managers. This year we are also happy to welcome Melania and Daniel to the Siladen Dive family to work alongside Teddy. Melania and Daniel are an Italian-Danish couple who have been together for four years, working together in their love of the ocean. The very experienced couple come to us directly from the Maldives.

With the enforced hiatus from diving in Sulawesi during Covid, the reefs and marine life have flourished. The diving was fantastic and we not only found interesting creatures like flamboyant cuttlefish and Spanish dancing nudibranchs on night dives, but we also had several sessions of eagle rays. A pod of baby blacktip sharks has also been frequently spotted in the shallow waters in front of the resort. The last dolphin tour was amazing, with many dolphins spotted in Bunaken National Park, and a pod of pilot whales were spotted regularly near Siladen and Bunaken.

This year, we had the pleasure of welcoming several new baby turtles, with a few nests hatching in recent days. There are three more nests on our beaches that are expected to hatch over the next few months.

If you are planning your next visit, please email us at reservations@siladen.com or contact your preferred travel agent for the latest travel information.