A ICT Tac user went viral after posting a video of her playing a birthday cake prank on her baby brother – and her reactions were priceless.

TikToker Alexa (@__alexxaaa) shared a screen recording of the WhatsApp exchange between the two siblings.

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Alexa starts the birthday cake prank by pretending to be in a bakery. She asks her brother via voice messages to choose a birthday cake from the photos she sends him. The pictures of the cakes are all pretty ugly and she lies to her brother saying that every cake has bugs in its ingredients.

“She [the baker] said there was chocolate, vanilla, and cockroach,” Alexa said, describing a Minions– theme cake. Alexa acts like she’s talking directly to the store’s baker throughout the cake stuffing.

“What do you mean, cockroach?” said Alexa’s brother. “The cockroach is an animal, not a taste!”

After a few failed cake suggestions, Alexa’s brother begs her to look for a Superman-themed cake at another store.

“Does she put cockroaches in every cake?” Alexa’s brother asks about the first baker. “Sister, answer me!

“No, she doesn’t put cockroaches in all of them. She told me that in some of them she puts the spiders, then in some of them she puts caterpillars,” Alexa said, continuing her cake prank.

Despite his displeasure with the baker’s alleged birthday cake options, Alexa’s little brother is still a polite customer.

“But to be nice, can you give him a little tip, please?” said the brother. “It’s because I feel bad because I won’t buy any of his cakes. But give him, maybe, $5.

TikTokers found the interaction healthy and fun. Many took to the comments to express how much they adore Alexa’s little brother.

“SUCH A LOVE OMLLLL,” one TikToker commented.

“He tells you to tip him, that’s so cute,” said another.

Others were sent into orbit by the photos Alexa used for her cake prank.


“Please stress him out,” another person said.

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