Social media sales for personal travel agentspart of Your cooperativesoared to £6.8m in 2021, 13% ahead of their best performing pre-pandemic year

Almost one in four sales (23%) for The Personal Travel Agents came from social media, with Facebook dominating and bookings through Instagram gradually increasing.

In 2021, 65% of sales via social media also came from customers who had not yet booked with a personal travel agent affiliated with Your Co-op – mainly in the UK, Santorini, Mallorca and the Maldives. The agency attributes the increase in social media sales to clients attracted to beautiful images and destinations that get social media exposure from celebrities and influencers.

Sheena Whittle, Chief of personal travel agentssaid: “Over the past five years, we have developed a real understanding of what works on social media, and using that knowledge, we have worked very well with vendor partners on specific offerings designed specifically for social media. social.

“We are investing heavily in supporting agents to grow their business through social media, with in-shop training sessions, personal coaching, the ability to have posts centrally generated on their behalf and a full suite of daily deals and campaign assets to redeem.

“We’ve seen a particular boost during lockdown times as consumers scroll more and crave new experiences, and for our Peaks campaign on January 22 we ran a themed activity around the phrase ‘I’ look forward to…”. We took the idea from research that indicated that consumers wanted to have something exciting coming out of the pandemic. Our marketing team produced beautiful assets that agents used on their social media channels, with great success.

“Over the past 12 months we have been particularly focused on training agents on how to share content via stories and our PTAs are having so much fun with it, creating truly engaging and interactive posts to help stay in contact with their subscribers.

“Research suggests that followers invest in PTAs themselves, their values, and their personalities. Customers make a real connection in a virtual space that’s hard to replicate when you’re a larger, relatively faceless brand.

“The growing trend of customers to ‘support locally’ also helps APTs, as they are their own small local businesses. The benefit of partnering with the trusted Your Co-op brand, combined with the travel expertise and personality of each APE, is a recipe for success.