How does Sunday start? With a little sleep in, but I have six kids so there’s a lot of dad riding first. We are quite lazy. Anyone around will head to the Yardbird – our village cafe – for brunch. On tour, family Sundays become precious – I always rush home on Saturday nights.

Do you work? I host a Sunday morning radio show. Before Covid, this was always done live from a studio. Since the pandemic, I pre-record it from home. The bosses didn’t indicate that I still wouldn’t come. I keep my head down and hope no one notices.

A day to yourself? I would see friends. Then go to a pub quiz with my brother, mum and dad. Dad does general knowledge, mom is in medicine, my brother and I do sports and entertainment. We are a good team.

Sundays to grow? We were playing from 10 a.m., kicking a ball on the field. I would come home hungry and my parents would force-feed me on Sunday evenings. I hated vegetables, but if you didn’t eat all of your dinner, you would need leftovers for breakfast. Many nights I went to bed with mashed cabbage in my pockets and tears in my eyes.

A special Sunday? Presenting Sunday night at the Palladium – in my company, it’s the FA Cup final. Came home in the middle of my Maldives honeymoon to do the concert. The comic artists of the 1960s and 1970s who animated it are my heroes. Being on that stage, opening the show with a musical number? A dream.

Sunday night? Preparation for the coming week starts early: preparing bags, checking homework, washing hair. Everything is a military operation. A lot of times I’m in bed before our eldest these days, watching stupid TikTok videos before falling asleep.

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