If you can tolerate the heat, September is also the perfect time to experience Southern Arizona’s wine scene, with a guided tour of Willcox wine country, an hour east of town. You can also make an appointment with one of the best brands in the state: Sand Reckoner has a tasting room in downtown Tucson.

Queensland, Australia

Lower humidity during the Southern Hemisphere winter makes exploring Queensland’s unforgettable natural landscapes much easier and much more comfortable. You can get lost in the remote expanse of the Outback on a four-wheel-drive adventure. You can explore as much of the 894,420 hectares of the Wet Tropics of Queensland, a World Heritage Site of forests that is home to the world’s highest concentration of unique plants, including 90 species of orchids. And, of course, you can take a special visit to the Great Barrier Reef, ready for diving and snorkeling. The eco-friendly and rustic-chic Elysian Retreat (the region’s first solar-powered resort) is an exceptional starting point for touring the GBR’s 600 islands. But it’s also where you can get away from it all, as only 20 guests are allowed at a time.

Blesbok loin dish from Delaire Graff restaurant

Domaine Delaire-Graff

Lounge area of ​​the Delaire Graff upper pavilion

Domaine Delaire-Graff

October to December

South Africa

The end of the calendar year sees South Africa barely emerging from the grip of winter – it’s not warm enough to reach its beaches, but the bush is already teeming with action. Although it is still dry in October, a walking safari at Singita Lebombo in Kruger National Park is an exceptional way to view wildlife, as there is not yet much vegetation for animals to hide in . Given the property’s proximity to the river, you can even spot them from the resort’s relaxing pools.

Elsewhere in the country, the streets of the city of Johannesburg bloom with jacaranda trees. And by reserving yourself in the art and nature estate of the Delaire Graff Estate in picturesque Stellenbosch, you’ll get closer to the lush beauty and juicy fruit of the Cape vineyards.

Amalfi coast

A journey to discover the leaves opens this legendary Italian destination from mid-October to early November, when many tourists have fled but the region is not yet completely closed. It’s a fabulous time to visit the cliff-facing cellar of Marisa Cuomo Winery, which specializes in late-harvest white wines. It’s also the perfect time to stroll through the colorful seaside towns: shopping for ceramics in Vietri sul Mare, eating your weight in pasta in Nerano, hiking the hills of Positano and soaking up the architecture of Amalfi. Make the most of Amalfi’s newest gem: Borgo Santandrea, a luxury retreat enlivened by a striking mosaic of tiles and verdant Mediterranean-style gardens.

Costa Rica

It’s generally not recommended to visit tropical destinations during their green seasons when the rainfall is most intense, but these are the tropics for you. A late November or early December visit to Costa Rica would likely mean that the worst of the rainfall has passed, leaving a lush, verdant and glorious land in its wake. Costa Rica’s post-rain splendor is best seen at Nayara Springs, a luxury lodge nestled in the heart of Arenal Volcano National Park, where yoga sessions are held to the sound of birdsong and jungle walks are accompanied by friendly lazy. Fewer visitors mean more opportunities to soak up the beauty of the iconic cone-shaped volcano.