Once the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has subsided and the winter chill begins to thaw, you might find yourself ready to take advantage of the generally mild spring weather and treat yourself to a vacation. There are a variety of places around the world that are ideal for a spring visit, so you should start looking for your perfect location as early as possible.

Maybe you are hoping to soak up the hot sun on a tropical beach somewhere for your spring break, or maybe you want to enjoy a little adventure on your getaway. There is nothing wrong with combining the two to create a truly memorable vacation for you this spring.

If you’re thinking about destinations for your spring break, here are some of the best places you should consider when planning your ultimate getaway.


Because it has so much to offer in terms of variety, you probably already have Africa on your radar when you begin the process of planning your spring break. Specifically, however, Tanzania is a destination that has a little something for everyone.

Not only does Tanzania offer a wide range of landscapes depending on where you go, but the natural beauty and wildlife that exist in this region provide a unique opportunity to see some truly memorable sites.

When planning your visit to Tanzania, you should include a safari in your itinerary. You really can’t do better than Safari in Tanzania when your goal is to get up close to the area’s most incredible wildlife.

Lofoten, Norway

Spring break in Lofoten, Norway

Don’t let the fact that this destination is technically located in the Arctic Circle deter you from choosing it as the setting for your ultimate spring getaway. Lofoten is a bit of an outlier, so to speak, when it comes to the climate. The spring weather here is incredibly mild and ideal for all the outdoor activities that can be practiced in the region.

Among the many things to see in Lofoten are the largest deep-water coral reef in the world as well as some of the most scenic hikes you could hope to enjoy. From white sand beaches to incredible mountains, this is a destination that has it all. No two days will be the same in Lofotens, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to experience all that this place has to offer.

Camogli, Italy

Spring break in Camogli, Italy

If Italy is one of the countries that you want to visit but are wary of some of the more important tourist attractions, then Camogli is the place for you. It is one of the cities frequented as a vacation destination by Italians themselves, so you know you will have an authentic Italian experience.

A fishing village located in Genoa, Camogli has everything you can hope to discover in Italy. The culture, the coastline and, of course, the delicious food are all part of what you will enjoy on your spring trip to Camogli.

The Maldives

Spring break in the Maldives

Those looking for the ultimate luxury for their spring break should look to The Maldives. It’s the kind of destination for anyone hoping to relax on a pristine beach followed by a dip in one of the clearest blue waters you can imagine.

If such natural attractions of the Maldives are not enough to completely relax you, you can book a spa treatment or even book a private island for yourself for an overnight stay. Literally getting away from it all can really do wonders for your stress level and see you feel really refreshed at the end of your stay.

Perth, Australia

Spring break in Perth, Australia

Those not yet ready for extreme heat will appreciate Perth’s balmy weather in the spring. This time of year is autumn in Australia and therefore is the perfect time for sightseeing. A walk along the Swan River and a bit of exploring through Fremantle should all be on your bucket list when visiting Perth.