Most countries have now eased travel restrictions imposed at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Maldives, a popular travel destination known for its sunny beaches and blue waters, is poised for an influx of tourism after the ease of Covid restrictions. The Maldives reopened its borders to international tourists in July 2020. Over 6,000 visitors have traveled to the Maldives from the emirates since then. The Maldives is easily accessible to tourists from the United Arab Emirates, which also makes it a popular travel destination.

According to data released by the Maldives Ministry of Tourism, over 359,000 tourists have visited the Maldives so far this year, compared to 241,407 arrivals in 2021 for the same period. This year, the Maldives aims to welcome 1.6 million tourists from around the world. Travel & Tourism: Brand & Destination Rankings 2022 from YouGov reveals that the Maldives has secured a spot in the top 10 destinations for travelers from the United Arab Emirates. This indicates an expected increase in the number of tourists traveling to the Maldives from the United Arab Emirates.

Visit Maldives is gearing up to create more opportunities for tourists to choose the Maldives as a preferred destination for travelers from the UAE region. Visit Maldives has partnered with the 10th edition of the MICE Arabia and Luxury Travel (MALT) Congress as an Official Destination Partner, which took place on March 30-31, 2022 in Dubai.

The MICE Arabia and Luxury Travel Congress is an annual event for buyers and suppliers in the Middle East, with expert sessions and business meetings. An ideal platform for networking, it is the region’s most exclusive event for individuals in the B2B space.An engaging experience for travel industry attendees, MALT is a two-day event organized with the aim of bonding, networking to discuss luxury travel and being on top of the travel game. It enables suppliers to meet and attract buyers for meetings, events, incentives, business and luxury travel from the Middle East to their destination. As for buyers, they can choose from a multitude of options in terms of cost optimization, revenue models, pre- and post-pandemic technologies, thus following the evolution of travel industry trends. The landmark tenth edition of MALT Congress saw the attendance of over 200 buyers from across the GCC.

Thoyyib Mohamed, CEO and Managing Director of Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation sheds light on why the Maldives is consistently recommended as an attractive destination for travelers from the Middle East. “The Maldives are full of freshness. One of the main reasons for the success of the Maldives in the tourism industry is that our industry offers a piece of paradise for all types of travelers, regardless of their budget. We officially launched homestay tourism this year, and last year we launched our “Redefining MICE” campaign.

We launched it in the spirit of innovation and change, literally to redefine the way MICE travel is established in the world today. We often get asked questions like, “Can we go enjoy the beach after the meeting in the conference room?” I always tell them in response that they only ask this question because they don’t understand how MICE works in the Maldives. You don’t have to go to the beach after the conference – you can hold the conference on the beach itself! Imagine team brainstorming sessions on the white sandy beaches of the Maldives, cocktails in hand, letting the gentle rhythm of the waves stimulate your thoughts and creativity? Imagine a board meeting on the deck of a completely private cruise ship, overlooking the endless blue of the Maldivian horizon, fishing or leisurely snorkeling and stopping on an abandoned sandbar for a gourmet lunch. I hope this gives you some insight into our approach to MICE..” Added Mohammad.

Tourism is the biggest contributor to the Maldives’ GDP and economy, and the industry has seen the fastest growth in the Maldives. With a commendable recovery from the pandemic in just six months, the Maldives has reopened its borders to tourists from all over the world while implementing strict hygiene protocols and benefiting from one of the strongest Covid-19 vaccination campaigns. fastest in the world. The extremely successful strategies employed by the Government of the Maldives during the global pandemic resulted in the Maldives being awarded the Global Safety Stamp by the World Travel Tourism Council as early as September 2020. The Maldives has also won the prestigious title of “World’s Leading Destination”. at the World Travel Awards for two consecutive years, in 2020 and 2021.

Sidh NC, Director, QnA International said, “Dubai has always been at the forefront of tourism and offers a strong ecosystem for businesses to interact and engage. Our goal is to provide a platform that provides various opportunities for buyers and destination representatives to connect and build business relationships.

The Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) is the National Tourism Board of the Maldives, responsible for carrying out promotional activities to become the world’s most preferred island destination under the theme of the Maldives – the sunny side of life; while adhering to its mission to promote the quality and sustainable growth of the local tourism industry in order to bring long-term economic, social and cultural benefits to the country.

MALT Congress had a wide range of sponsors: Moscow City Tourism Committee as Tourism Partner, Czech Tourism, Eastern Europe Tours, Graficon, Kompas as Gold Sponsors and Al Ula Royal Commission , Destination Complete, Jordan Tourism Board, Korea Tourism Organization, Rwanda Convention Bureau as Silver Sponsors. The MALT Congress saw these organizations come together to discuss the future of global travel.