The Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Ms. Aminath Shauna, stressed the importance of protecting the environment from pollution.

In her speech, Ms. Shauna linked environmental preservation to the economic development of the Maldives.

Moreover, it had confirmed several initiatives within the framework of different phases carried out in favor of the cause under the current administration.

Ms. Shauna highlighted the environmental impact resulting from improper waste disposal, and she also noted the challenges local islands face in effectively destroying waste.

However, she had highlighted various government-led initiatives to tackle these issues, including the development of regional waste management centers in three different areas of the island nation.

“Our goal is to develop waste management centers in all residential islands in the Maldives, which will enable efficient disposal and management of waste at a more residential level,” Ms. Shauna commented.

Furthermore, she confirms that the decision to categorically segregate waste from Male residences was another step towards achieving effective waste disposal.

As part of the policies that limit single-use plastics, a total of 13 different types of plastic will be completely banned, leading to a drastic reduction in plastic waste in the residential islands.

Ms Shauna had also highlighted the single-use plastic face-to-face plan, which was launched in a bid to reduce litter dumped on residential island reefs.

“Hopefully we will be able to completely ban the use of these 13 types of plastics in the Maldives by 2023,” she said.

The Minister of the Environment further stressed the importance of public support in the fight against environmental pollution and the increase in waste.

The government has also effectively preserved 79 ecologically rich areas which are known for their ecosystems.