The attorney general’s office has claimed that the regulation of bird imports in the Maldives provides an opportunity to bring the birds back to the country of origin, instead of killing them.

According to the AG Office, birds imported into the Maldives were not on the list of birds allowed to be imported into the island nation.

That being said, the office revealed that the possibility of bringing the birds back to the country of origin was available instead of depositing them, as part of the list of measures drafted by the authorities.

The office later revealed that the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture did not follow this recommendation, adding that the person importing the birds should have taken responsibility for the expenses necessary to return the birds to their country of origin. or even put them down.

According to documents received by the office, the birds were captured after it was discovered that they had been illegally imported, in September, October and November 2021. While the birds were quarantined, the authority took no action. against the importer, to date.

The Ministry of Fisheries, however, had amended the list of birds allowed to be imported into the Maldives and made it public on December 13, 2021.

Following this, the ministry asked the GA office for approval to release the birds to the importer. With this, the bureau had recommended following applicable regulations when birds were imported and placed in quarantine.

Pointing out that a long period of time had passed since the birds had been quarantined, without taking the required measures set out in the regulations, the AG’s office had also recommended implementing measures against people. found negligent in the matter, according to established procedure.

The birds were culled at the Plant and Animal Unit at Velana International Airport. Sources reported that 120 birds were culled, worth 800,000 MVR.

The Department of Fisheries revealed that the birds were culled on the advice of the AG’s office.

The authority was criticized following the cruel procedure.

Environmental Protection Agency Director General Ibrahim Naeem told RaajjeMV that the matter had been brought to their attention. He revealed that this has been the procedure followed for a long time, however, a different approach is needed. Naeem said regulations and laws must be changed to end the procedure of killing illegally imported birds.